Dec 28, 2010

Kopdar 3 Baalwy

It's already 01:30 am and I got insomniac (again). Insomniac always infect me when holidays come. Basically, I hate this, but it sometimes help me to survive to stay up on watching either Premiere League or La Liga.

I'm now waiting for a match between Arsenal against Chelsea. But it still one half-hour, so I decide to continue my writing about the 3rd term of Kopdar Baalwy.

Ok, I'm starting...

Baalwy is back! That means we are still exist (this is our tagline. Note: if you don't know what Baalwy means please don't ask, just google it.). The annual event was held again for the third time on December 19th, 2010, at Rabithah Alawiyah building, South Jakarta. This association is an event where the whole arabian stars around the world (such as Aussie, Indonesia, Pakistan, Malaysia, and so forth) could meet each other.

I'm as one of the committee of this event (read: committe who never come for meetings) will elaborate about the event . Ok, without pleasantries, let's check the gallery below:

Start from the banner.
It takes four bottles of water as its ballast because the wind sucked. And like last Kopdar, the banner was designed by my brother :D. Too bad he couldn't attend because he had a private event.

Entering the building then you'd be seeing me first. Yes, in the first one hour I'm assigned as a receptionist (ha!) to give all guests a form to be filled.

And for the rest hours I'm assigned in the consumption that mean nocould to take any pics anymore. T^T

Yeah, it's me. The admin of this silly blog. Thank you for saying I'm fatter. I love the T-Shirt by the way.

The guests were waiting for the lift. The event held on the fourth floor.

Me with Imz Habsyi in the lift. She's assigned on the fifth floor to keep our guest stars (Asyikin Anabi, El Camaro Alwi Alkaff, Ustd. Ali Bahar, etc).

Foods for guest star:

This is our kitchen. All messy things happened here :D

one guest filling the guest book.

They are our presenters. Without three of them the event wouldn't be fun.
From left to right: Haffina Haddad, Bella Al-Habsyi, Sahil Mulachela. Sahil is our subscription presenter.

Approximately 250 guests attended with the almost equal comparison between the men and the women. Well, it's better than kopdar last year :)

Done! :D

We all do hope Kopdar Baalwy becomes a never-ending event. This should be held every year :)
See you next year mwah!

(photos by Sunnia Alatas)
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Dec 22, 2010

Thank You KP

This is it. For the rest of my life I'm waiting for this. You must say that I'm too hyperbolic, but yeah..this is me, KP's Lovers, who's cheerful when got reply from KP's official website. I don't care whether really KP or his manager who replied this, I'm certainly happy!

Well, I hope that he truly miss Indonesians, as he said.
I'm including the link here. Feel free to ask KP whatever question you want to ask :D

Thanks for your answer! Love Aqila.
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Nov 30, 2010

El Clasico Gallery 2010

To be up-to-date, I tag some pics of match Barcelona vs. Real Madrid (El Clasico)-the most eagerly awaited match on La Liga-(11/29/2010):

Xavi began Barca's goal feast in the 10th minute. Camp Nou suddenly erupted.

The second goal was made by Pedro who got assist from David Villa.

The first fighting on this match began with Ronaldo pushed Barca's coach, Pep Guardiola.

2 yellow cards finally issued to cr7 and Victor Valdes.

In his first match of El Clasico, David Villa made it well with his two goals in the 55th and 58th minute.

Xavi (left) was the master of midfield and conquest Ozil (right) who finally replaced by Lass in second round.

Both the captain and the keeper of Real Madrid, Iker Casillas got dissapointed of many goals into his net.

Both world's best players, Lionel Messi (left) and Christiano Ronaldo (right) who guessed would be the actors of El Clasico.

Carvalho elbowed Messi and he falled to the ground. But the referee issued a yellow card for Messi because it was a pretendence. Then the audience wondered where did Messi learn about diving?

Replacing Pedro in 87th minute, Jeffren Suarez closed his team's goal feast in the beginning of stopage time.

The climax of El Clasico's fighting happened in the last minute of the match. Sergio Ramos slapped his National teammate friend, Carles Puyol.

The fisrt and the last red card issued for Ramos. He's expelled the field after pushing Xavi.

El Barca gave their best performance in Camp Nou. The fans are extremely satisfied.

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Nov 19, 2010

Book Review: Glee-The Beginning (Awal Mula)

Title : Glee – The Beginning (Awal Mula)
Author : Sophia Lowell
Translator : Nina Andiana
Publisher : PT Gramedia Pustaka Utama
Cover : Soft Cover
ISBN : 978-979-22-6269-8
Released : 2010
Page : 216
Overall Rating : B+

A glimpse:

“We sound like a bunch of amateurs,” Kurt announced on one of Glee Club exercise in the choir room.

Yes, Glee Club is not as exist as ever. It only now has four members: Mercedes, Tina, Kurt, and Artie Abrams. Coach Mr. Ryerson who never come to teach them is one of the problem.

But it stopped since Rachel Berry join Glee Club. At the first, Mercedes, Tina, and Artie dislike her due to her bossy trait. But this girl whose a splendid voice, determined to train them until ready to perform.

Rachel Berry struggled to make Glee Club reborn in spite of there’s so many obstacles. Because almost the whole McKinley High’s students despise about Glee Club. Moreover, the girls of Cheerio-the most reputable girls extracurricular in McKinley High-always harass them. Yet, They devastated Glee’s performance in McKinley High Recital!

But what’s going on then? Will Rachel just be quite on facing the Cheerios?
And what did Rachel, Mercedes, Kurt, Tina, and Artie do on the election of the king-queen of Homecoming event?

Find out also about triangle love between Rachel and the Leader of Cheerio, Quinn Fabray, and Finn Hudson, the most popular guy plus football player in McKinley High.

“Reading this story makes you wanna sing and laugh.”
“It is packed with various cases which usually happen in our school, but differently McKinley High got unique coaches and teachers.”

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Nov 18, 2010

Blogging Workshop with Margareta Astaman

Have you ever heard about Margareta Astaman?
A 24-year-old energic, powerful, and smart girl who has just released her third book titled After Orchard, a story about the author's experience in Singapore.

Lucky me, on yesterday-Nov 14th 2010-I attended a workshop about blogging where the speaker was Margareta Astaman. "Inspirasi Penulis Muda" became the theme of this workshop which held in order to celebrating 4th anniversary of Kompas MuDA.

Wearing a short black dress combined with red high heels, Margareta, or used to called Margie, began her presentation with “WELCOME TO THE FUTURE!” on the first slide. More than 70 teens in the room suddenly wonder. What does it mean?
To her, blogging is one of way to achieve your future. So, If you’re now a blogger, no matter what you write about, you already go through the way to your future.

A bit flashback about Margareta Astaman, after graduating from Santa Ursula, Jakarta, she decided to migrate to the country side, Singapore, to continue her study. As far as I listen to her talk, she took up Journalism. Blogging, is her main activity at present. she started blogging in 2007 since she felt lonely in Singapore. Margareta is now working for Indonesian MSN as portal executive. It's written on her post

Next slide, she asked us about Have we ever google our own name? About half of the applicants raised their hand. Then she asked for a volunteer that willing to google his name. What she did next is googling the volunteer’s name, and aside from that she also introduced us about this site: I bet the whole applicants have never heard about it before, including me. is the site which we can use to know about our social network in the virtual word by only typing our name! It works, guys! Use the demos version for free.

Well now, I'mma tell you all what I've gained from the workshop.

Ways to Get Inspiration:

To her, meditation is an effective way to get an inspiration. But in these hectic days, Do we still have a time to do a meditation? It’s such a waste of time -_-
So she jumped to next choice:

Wishing to dream about something amazing that you can use as your inspiration to write. (Like Stephenie Meyer maybe :D)

Watching TV
That’s true, TV has tons of inspiration. I experienced in this way.

Listening Your Lecture
Listen what your Lecture talk about could enrich your inspiration.

Steps Before You Write:

Collect the points what You will write
for this instance she recommended us to use software like Xmind, or it’s OK to do by your own way.

What is it for the reader
Think more: you write is for the reader, not for yourself.

Balancing Points
Make your writing balance before it posted. Balance in every aspect.

Read a hundred times to check what is not balance in every aspect of your writing.

*The first 30 words determine the next 30 words will be read or not

Tips to begin your post:

Startle the readers with question so they’ll be curious what’s the answer next.
This for you who has high a sense of humor. But not really, lol
I personally think this is the most potential way to attract the readers.
is about why you are writing this post.

Be Aware of

1. Adjectives
2. Transition
3. Words repetitions
4. Spacing
Once you stuck of these 4 things, the readers could be saturated.

Before closing her presentation, she concluded and emphasize about 3 things:
Be an honest, peace-loving, and typical Blogger :)

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Sep 27, 2010

My Inspiration

1. Kyle Patrick from The Click Five
Not many people know who Kyle Patrick is, even some friends or relatives of mine. Kyle Patrick is the new vocalist of a band from Boston, Massachusetts. The band is called The Click Five.
I do remember when the first time I knew TC5 (The Click Five). It’s in the middle of 2008 and I was in last grade of Junior High School. At the first moment I saw TC5 (Kyle was singing ‘Jenny’ on MTV), it’s such a Wow! His voice is extremely magnificent. Then I think I fell in love with Kyle at first sight, Ha-ha.
And what inspiring me are surely all the songs He sings. Their lyrics are differently fascinating. So, generally not only Kyle Patrick who inspired me but also the band. And The song I like the most is ‘Empty’, it gives me serenity when listen.
Well, maybe some people assume that The Click Five is just the same with another band, but I see them in different point of view :).

2. David Villa from Spain
That’s true, I’m a girl crazy about soccer. I never late to always catch up about Soccer news.

David Villa, a family man, whose full name David Villa Sánchez, is the striker of FC Barcelona and also known as the mainstay striker of the Spanish National Team. Euro Cup 2008 that introduced me who David Villa is.

He started his football career from the UP Langreo in 1991. Then He moved to Sporting Gijon in 1999. Subsequently, Real Zaragoza signed him in La Liga in 2003. After two very successful years with Zaragoza, Villa transferred to Valencia CF in the summer of 2005 for 12million Euros. In due course, before the World Cup 2010 started, He had been recruited by FC Barcelona to join with, the most appropriate club with his outstanding skills. In summary, he never out from the Spanish football club.

Thus, watching him when smiling after scored could make my day. I love his epic kick. Seems marvelous. Listen to what people talk about him wouldn’t change my mind to always be his HUGE fan.

He’s going to be a legend!

3. Taylor Lautner from The Twilight Saga
An extremely muscular werewolf on The Twilight Series, Taylor Daniel Lautner has been being one of guy who influenced my life. Yeah…I’m in the werewolves clan, so you can say that I’m a werewolf girl lol.
It’s roughly a year ago since I’m addicted to The Twilight Saga.
Unlike general Twilight fans, most girls love Edward Cullen-acted by Robert Pattinson-, me too frankly, but just until the first movie. Because on The Twilight Saga: New Moon, Jacob Black has been transformed to a werewolf, and you know what, I had to think that He is the hottest man in the world, his muscles are killing me…gosh! (You couldn’t agree more if you are in werewolves clan).
And this is what I love about him:
His smiley smile. It could make my day by seeing his smile.

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Sep 3, 2010

On Omegle

Well it's about a month ago when i found Tyson The All American Reject on omegle. I wasn't really sure wheter he was Tyson or not. But I kept talking to him and copied my conversation here:

You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
Official messages from Omegle will not be sent with the label 'Stranger:'. Strangers claiming to represent Omegle are lying.
You: hi
Stranger: hey tyson here
You: whussup
Stranger: fine
Stranger: you ?
You: good
You: from?
Stranger: nyc
Stranger: you ?
You: jakarta
Stranger: coool
You: thanks
Stranger: lets exchnge pictures
Stranger: im from jakarta! Its my second home!
You: me? cant this time
You: for sure?
Stranger: yes
You: so ya still remember Bahasa Indonesia?
Stranger: little bit
You: show me
Stranger: apa kabar buk
You: haha
You: you really from nyc huh?
Stranger: so you like AAR? i would really like to see some of my fans here
Stranger: !
You: all american reject?
Stranger: yeah
You: a few months ago they were here
Stranger: Yes I know I went there. Im tyson. helllo.
Stranger: told you earlier
You: ?
Stranger: what r u doing?
Stranger: im tyson ritter. the singer of AAR
You: how can i know u r tyson?
Stranger: dont ya know?
Stranger: well I can take a pic of me right now
Stranger: if you want to
You: ok
Stranger: a minute
Stranger: there you go
You: for ensure me can u gimme ur facebook?then ill add u
You: then u confirm me
Stranger: i dont have a fb
Stranger: only the band acc
You: so you fool me?
Stranger: no
You: that photo might be taken a few days ago
Stranger: i just took it
You: tell me when you visit indonesia few monts ago
You: how was indonesia?
Stranger: indonesia was fine.june
Stranger: or july
Stranger: im not sure
Stranger: many places i went
You: such as...?
Stranger: i meant places around the world
Stranger: not indon
You: so when you live at nyc?after indonesia
You: since child even you forgot bahasa indonesia now
Stranger: whats wrong with you dude? mental problem?
You: no
Stranger: im in hollywood stuff now so duh i forgot all thos stuff
You: i just ensure my mind that youre relly tyson
You: no problem
You: hi
Stranger: well too bas if you dont trust me. i dont mind. dont even care
Your conversational partner has disconnected.

I like when he said "whats wrong with you dude? mental problem?" HAHAHA. Too bad he went off too fast because i felt i was fooled.
Actually at before i didn't know who the vocalist of AAR is, lol, and this pic was sent by him.

Oh please i hope i could meet Kyle Patrick at another time :(

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Jul 26, 2010

I Found My Passion

Being an anchor is not as easy as I think. But After I learnt about broadcasting and journalism, I can't even stop myself because I'm officially addicted to this passion.

It began with my hobby of writing. Whatever it is, except narration. I don't know, however I already found myself is not great in writing narration. In spite of I love to read novel (more than love actually). Therefore I build a blog to improve my writing. My blog is now named which contains tons of articles. Blog has stimulated me to write. What is more, I'm confessing that my articles are just so and so. But I don't care, I'm gradually trying to make it more intriguing.

Back to why I want to be a journalist. In the middle of 2009, I was chosen by Kompas MuDA to work in (it was program for high school student which aimed to fill holiday). It such called apprentice. During holiday, about 3 weeks, you know I felt like "Journalism is extremely awesome". I got an unforgettable experience from Kompas MuDA. It introduced me about how to be a good reporter, photographer, and ins and outs about journalism. Start here I enhance my insight of journalism world.

Last but not least, on the next year I was given a chance to broadcast on my favorite radio (Y), Global Radio Jakarta. It was more than fun! I learnt to figure out how a radio announcer can broadcast easily but enjoy-to-listen.

Meanwhile, I'm now studying in vocational high school majoring in Information and Technology. Honestly, I feel such I'm not supposed to be majoring in IT at present due to its tuition. But not at all, I'm taking up web programming which I love. In fact, this is one of difficult subject I ever learnt.

Unlike other students in my class, I keep deepening web programming more and more. I don't feel reluctant to ask for help to the expert, following some training, and trying what modules say. Though I haven't gain what I should have now, but I keep trying. I love to do what people can't achieve, so I'm going to make it achievable for me.

This time I'm apparently hungover. Basically, my passion consists of:
-Web Programming
the question is: How do I combine these all? Any colleges provide major which reveres to my passion?

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May 30, 2010

Congratulation for Us!!

THE very first thing we'd like to say is THANK YOU VERY MUCH for people who already voted our magazine until reach the fifth position from 22 participants. It was amazing!
And finally we succeeded to be THE THIRD WINNER on the final day: May 29 (YEAY!).
We're very glad and be grateful, all the effort of team working were not useless.
This is us on the stage :D

This is our stan. Is it cool with banner which was designed by me? :D

Dance Performance from our school: Apouzta Dance

And this is people who were behind the scene of this event: STAR (Show Tanpa Rokok)

Congratulation for all the winners :)

Great experience we got from this event. Thanks guys..thanks for you who involved of STAR (Show Tanpa Rokok).
STOP SMOKING because it'll damage our future!!
See you next year!!
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May 23, 2010

My Last Post Before Final Exam

OK.....I miss to post honestly. I don’t know why I’m so busy nowadays...
What’s up anyway? I’m good as yet...till today before tomorrow I’ll face the exam -_-

Firstly,i'd like to say HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY for my dearest KYLE PATRICK (belated for this post),
even I made a greeting card for him :) this one:

Happy 24th darling ;)

And next..hihihii....Im glad today :D
Finally I was given a chance to broadcast on MY FAVORITE RADIO \(^o^)/ : GLOBAL RADIO JAKARTA
I broadcasted with one of Global People named Robby Gozal in his program called Global Dips. He's friendly enough with me :) and Im gonna meet him in a couple week to attend the same program. So, dont miss it, listen to me on June 6 only on 88.4 Global Radio ;)

And please pray for me because start from tomorrow im gonna face my last exam before i go to my workplace practices, Mercu Buana University on the first of June :)

Have a great days pals!
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May 13, 2010

5 Points for Your Better Life

1. Realize that everyone is the Creator's masterpiece and very special, nothing be the same whether physical, character and the fight their face. Make something special for more meaningful life.

2. Set the best achievement which you want to achieve. Having a noble aspiration. Supported by a determination and positive behavior, one day it'll be materialized.

3. Being an expert in your field, with loving and pursuing the profession. Ability will produce something, including the welfare.

4. Try to perfect the life start from now. Accustom to make a target and do consistently.

5. Polishing your surroundings. Accustom who are your expert teacher, spiritual teacher, and teacher's life. Gather a team whose a vision, behavior and equal life purpose, which helping each other (mastermind team). If there's a member who can resist the aspiration, remove him/her from team.
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Apr 16, 2010

Featured: Kompas MuDA

Costum by. bi Batik, Kemang

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Mar 30, 2010

My First English Debate Competition

Today my team and I faced a debate competition city level which held on SMKN 3 Tangerang. This is my very first competition. I’m very glad to trust by my teacher to follow this competition.
I can't tell you more because I have to prepare for tomorrow. I'm going to go to Solo, there's an annual event which is I never come before. Ill is talking more lately.
But I so must sacrifice to not attend in my semi-finals competition :(
I wish that my team will be doing their best without me(ha-ha) amen.

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Feb 21, 2010

Official Web of The Click Five

Official Website:
Get Clicked
The Click Five-Bands

The Click Five's Myspace
I like The Click Five

The Click Five
Kyle Patrick
Ben Romans
Joe Guese
Joey Zehr
Ethan Mentzer Gimme more..

Feb 18, 2010

Journalistic Photography

#Pengertian Foto Jurnalistik
Foto yang mengandung informasi.

#Macam-macam berita:
1. Hard News/Sport News
yaitu berita yang harus disampaikan dengan segera
2. Features/Soft News
3. Portrait/Head Shot
yaitu berita atau foto manusia beserta profesinya
4. Ilustrasi

#Lensa Kamera
1. Diafragma
bagian dari lensa kamera yang mengatur besar kecilnya cahaya masuk
2. Rana
baguan dari lensa kamera yang mengatur lama sebentarnya cahaya masuk

#4 elemen fotografi:
1. Pencahayaan
2. Angle
3. Komposisi
4. Momen

#Jenis-jenis Foto:
1. Safety Shot
yaitu foto yang diambil pada momen-
momen/kejadian yang tidak bisa terulang lagi
(biasa diambil dengan ju
mlah yang banyak kemudian dipilih mana foto yang terbaik)
2. Better Shot
hasil dari pemilihan pada foto-foto safety shot

#Format Foto:
1. Long Shot

2. Medium Shot

3. Detail/Close Up

#Format penyajian foto:
1. Landscape

2. Portrait

Informasi ini saya dapat ketika sedang training di Kompas selama 2 hari untuk menjadi wartawan foto (magang) di Kompas MuDa.
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Feb 1, 2010

How do I love them?

It's been approximately 3 years ago since I knew The Click Five. Honestly, for the first time I know, The Click Five looked just as usual with another band. But after Jenny mv played on many music programs for too many time...I finally curious to know more about them.
Firstly, I was so fascinated by KP's voice. It's impressive. And not only his voice but also his appearance that I love. :)
Then I realized that the vocalist is awesome (read: handsome). I fell in love with KP at the first sight. Lols.

After I heard 'Jenny' and 'Happy Birthday', I started to search their songs. And without thinking more....I bought their sophomore album: Modern Minds and Past Times :)
By that album I know who are Ben Romans, Ethan Mentzer, Joe Guese, Joey Zehr, Kyle Patrick, and especially who The Click Five is. :)

The songs have become part of my life.
They are successful to be my first love and blossoming into my whole life from earliest times until later :)
I heart you Guys ♥
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Jan 30, 2010

Biography of The Click Five

The title of The Click Five’s sophomore album, “MODERN MINDS AND PASTIMES,” perfectly sums up the quintet’s raison d’etre. The title is a nod to Ray Charles’s classic 1962 album, “Modern Sounds in Country and Western Music,” and, as bassist Ethan Mentzer explains: “Our record is an eclectic mix of styles dating back to the ’60s and everything in between, so it was a cool way of summing up what we’re doing. As a band, we have ‘Modern Minds’ – we’re young and a product of our time – yet at the same time we’re old souls, so the word ‘Pastimes’ has an appropriate dual meaning.”

That dynamic duality is evident throughout the dozen power-pop gems that populate “MODERN MINDS AND PASTIMES.” “Jenny,” the first single, meshes musical buoyancy with a melancholy sentiment to create an irresistible ode. The blazing “Flipside” is a bouncy, gutsy, edgy rocker steeped in ’70s sensibilities and dynamics, in contrast to the warm but heart-rending ‘Mary Jane,’ a poignant ballad with soaring guitars guaranteed to have every lighter in the house held aloft.

While The Click Five may be “old souls,” there’s a brand-new member: 21-year-old singer/guitarist Kyle Patrick, who, like the rest of the band, attended Boston’s prestigious Berklee College of Music. Lead guitarist Joe Guese tells the tale: “Our new singer had to walk in the door with the right guitar, the right attitude, the right skills and voice – he had to ‘get it’ right off the bat. Kyle walked in and had all those elements. It was very natural; it wasn’t ‘American Idol’ tryouts, which is a path we could have gone down. We wanted it this way – to go back to where we all found one another, to Berklee. And sure enough, there he was.”

Patrick was thrilled to fill the newly vacated singer slot, and, while meshing easily with the other guys in the band, he also knew he was bringing something different to the group. “My voice has a deeper tone, a different register, so that makes our sound a bit more rock now. It still has that pop element, but with more of an edge,” says the Atlanta native, who led his own indie rock band starting at the age of 17. And The Click Five fans were on board with Patrick from day one. “We got amazing feedback from the moment I joined, and people are totally psyched about ‘Jenny,’ both hardcore fans from the first record and tons of new listeners.” As keyboardist Ben Romans explains: "We already knew this album was going to be different from the first one. Kyle joining the band actually fit exactly with where we were going musically. Rather than a step back, the change ended up being an opportunity for five steps forward.”

The achievement of “MODERN MINDS AND PASTIMES” is all the more remarkable considering that the tough act it had to follow. The Click Five’s Lava/Atlantic debut, 2005’s “GREETINGS FROM IMRIE HOUSE,” entered the Billboard 200 at #15, making it the year’s highest-charting debut from a new rock band. Critical raves followed, with Rolling Stone calling “…IMRIE HOUSE” “relentlessly catchy…simultaneously retro, current, mainstream-minded and knowing.” People praised the single “Just the Girl” as “a guitar-pop gem,” while Entertainment Weekly raved about The Click Five’s “insanely catchy blend of guitar crunch, pop hooks and Queen-worthy vocal harmonies.” The fans spoke loudly as well. The group’s Myspace page ( was #1 on the Most Viewed Band Page, and “Just The Girl” topped the iTunes chart for over 2 weeks – a feat almost unheard of in today’s world of shifting musical tastes that can be instantly gratified through digital downloads.

“MODERN MINDS AND PASTIMES” was created with producer Mike Denneen (Fountains of Wayne, Aimee Mann) and mixed by Mike Shipley (The Cars, Cheap Trick, Green Day). Recording commenced at Q Division studios near the band’s Boston home – which they all share – in February 2007. Thanks in part to The Click Five’s relentless touring schedule, which had them sharing stages in the U.S. and overseas with everyone from the legendary Fleetwood Mac to U.K. pop-rock sensations McFly to singer/songwriter Alanis Morissette (not to mention a pair of life-changing shows with KISS in Japan), they earned a wealth of life and musical experience. And that maturity and growth is evident in the infectious grooves of the new album. The record was born over the course of two years, 80 songs, and a singer change, all a heady education for the young band. As Romans rhapsodizes: “It’s like there was a great struggle and a crazy Revolutionary War, then a new freedom, a new person at the helm, and now we’re building this new country! You can hear the new heart, the new unity and growth. The effort, soul and energy seeps out and bleeds onto the record.”

“So many people reach a cutoff point when they stop listening to new things and stop being influenced by music and life, and that’s SO far from the truth for us,” observes drummer Joey Zehr. “There isn’t much that we shy away from musically; we’re always listening.” Alongside universal influences like the Beatles, The Click Five draw inspiration from Nick Lowe, the Cars, ELO, Foo Fighters, the Raspberries, Tom Petty, The Feeling, and many more artists both new and old. Patrick is a big James Taylor and Neil Young fan. Zehr cites classic rockers Keith Moon and Mitch Mitchell as favorite drummers. And Romans draws apt analogies between literature and lyrics, honing in on songs to discover what makes them work.

“From Springsteen’s ‘Born to Run’ to Nick Lowe, there are rhyme schemes which have been going on since the Tin Pan Alley days,” Romans notes. “The reason you sing lyrics is because the melody is so damn catchy. I read Hemingway, and I like that simplicity; he never says anything unnecessary. That’s the beauty of it. The puzzle is breaking it down to its pure essence. Lyricism is minimalist, and I like the challenge of writing pop music. It’s modern art, like Rothko, in blocks, instead of doing an Impressionist painting.” And the impression that “MODERN MINDS AND PASTIMES” creates is slightly darker and more cinematic than The Click Five’s debut, while still retaining the propulsive and engaging power-pop musicality and stellar vocals. “They’ve definitely grown up…a lot,” notes producer Denneen, who also helmed the band’s first album. “There’s more breadth to the topics they’re writing about now and more depth both to the lyrics and the music. There’s some real sadness and loss this time around, as opposed to the more playful vibe of the songs on the last record. These are songs about real relationships, which I think people will really be able to relate to.”

While The Click Five mine multifaceted personal emotions, they’re not stuck inside their heads. “MODERN MINDS AND PASTIMES” is effortlessly relatable to anyone who has experience with that most famous of four-letter words: love. Patrick wryly terms several of the tunes “trouble-with-someone songs.” “Empty,” penned by Romans and Patrick, was so emotional that Patrick did vocals curled in the fetal position to capture the isolated, vulnerable sentiment. Musically, the band and Denneen used any means necessary to depict the moods of each song, using open guitar tunings and vintage keyboards – like a Wurlitzer and a Mellotron – to paint a fully realized, intimately detailed musical portrait. Zehr affirms, “We worked hard to create parts that have extra pizzazz – sparkly touches and details that reflect our emotional input.” From “I’m Getting Over You,” which Guese terms “a three-minute pop song that hits you over the head,” to the darker cautionary tale “Addicted to Me,” to the insinuating build-up and gang vocals of the not-what-it-seems “Happy Birthday,” to the vivid, cinematic tableau evoked by “Headlight Disco,” “MODERN MINDS AND PASTIMES” is a treasure trove of intense ear candy.

While the snappy dressers of The Click Five look as good as they sound, hearkening back more to the Small Faces than Nirvana, they are quick to stress that “You can’t base your band on external things. It’s about really loving to create, and more so, loving to communicate.” And on “MODERN MINDS AND PASTIMES” they do just that. “It’s ‘National Geographic.’ We’re making musical snapshots and memories; making the moment stand still,” concludes Romans. “We respect all the decades that have gotten us here. We are creating nostalgia; I hope our songs become a soundtrack to someone’s life, just like the songs we grew up with did for us.”

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