May 30, 2010

Congratulation for Us!!

THE very first thing we'd like to say is THANK YOU VERY MUCH for people who already voted our magazine until reach the fifth position from 22 participants. It was amazing!
And finally we succeeded to be THE THIRD WINNER on the final day: May 29 (YEAY!).
We're very glad and be grateful, all the effort of team working were not useless.
This is us on the stage :D

This is our stan. Is it cool with banner which was designed by me? :D

Dance Performance from our school: Apouzta Dance

And this is people who were behind the scene of this event: STAR (Show Tanpa Rokok)

Congratulation for all the winners :)

Great experience we got from this event. Thanks guys..thanks for you who involved of STAR (Show Tanpa Rokok).
STOP SMOKING because it'll damage our future!!
See you next year!!


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