May 13, 2010

5 Points for Your Better Life

1. Realize that everyone is the Creator's masterpiece and very special, nothing be the same whether physical, character and the fight their face. Make something special for more meaningful life.

2. Set the best achievement which you want to achieve. Having a noble aspiration. Supported by a determination and positive behavior, one day it'll be materialized.

3. Being an expert in your field, with loving and pursuing the profession. Ability will produce something, including the welfare.

4. Try to perfect the life start from now. Accustom to make a target and do consistently.

5. Polishing your surroundings. Accustom who are your expert teacher, spiritual teacher, and teacher's life. Gather a team whose a vision, behavior and equal life purpose, which helping each other (mastermind team). If there's a member who can resist the aspiration, remove him/her from team.


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