Sep 27, 2010

My Inspiration

1. Kyle Patrick from The Click Five
Not many people know who Kyle Patrick is, even some friends or relatives of mine. Kyle Patrick is the new vocalist of a band from Boston, Massachusetts. The band is called The Click Five.
I do remember when the first time I knew TC5 (The Click Five). It’s in the middle of 2008 and I was in last grade of Junior High School. At the first moment I saw TC5 (Kyle was singing ‘Jenny’ on MTV), it’s such a Wow! His voice is extremely magnificent. Then I think I fell in love with Kyle at first sight, Ha-ha.
And what inspiring me are surely all the songs He sings. Their lyrics are differently fascinating. So, generally not only Kyle Patrick who inspired me but also the band. And The song I like the most is ‘Empty’, it gives me serenity when listen.
Well, maybe some people assume that The Click Five is just the same with another band, but I see them in different point of view :).

2. David Villa from Spain
That’s true, I’m a girl crazy about soccer. I never late to always catch up about Soccer news.

David Villa, a family man, whose full name David Villa Sánchez, is the striker of FC Barcelona and also known as the mainstay striker of the Spanish National Team. Euro Cup 2008 that introduced me who David Villa is.

He started his football career from the UP Langreo in 1991. Then He moved to Sporting Gijon in 1999. Subsequently, Real Zaragoza signed him in La Liga in 2003. After two very successful years with Zaragoza, Villa transferred to Valencia CF in the summer of 2005 for 12million Euros. In due course, before the World Cup 2010 started, He had been recruited by FC Barcelona to join with, the most appropriate club with his outstanding skills. In summary, he never out from the Spanish football club.

Thus, watching him when smiling after scored could make my day. I love his epic kick. Seems marvelous. Listen to what people talk about him wouldn’t change my mind to always be his HUGE fan.

He’s going to be a legend!

3. Taylor Lautner from The Twilight Saga
An extremely muscular werewolf on The Twilight Series, Taylor Daniel Lautner has been being one of guy who influenced my life. Yeah…I’m in the werewolves clan, so you can say that I’m a werewolf girl lol.
It’s roughly a year ago since I’m addicted to The Twilight Saga.
Unlike general Twilight fans, most girls love Edward Cullen-acted by Robert Pattinson-, me too frankly, but just until the first movie. Because on The Twilight Saga: New Moon, Jacob Black has been transformed to a werewolf, and you know what, I had to think that He is the hottest man in the world, his muscles are killing me…gosh! (You couldn’t agree more if you are in werewolves clan).
And this is what I love about him:
His smiley smile. It could make my day by seeing his smile.



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