Sep 3, 2010

On Omegle

Well it's about a month ago when i found Tyson The All American Reject on omegle. I wasn't really sure wheter he was Tyson or not. But I kept talking to him and copied my conversation here:

You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
Official messages from Omegle will not be sent with the label 'Stranger:'. Strangers claiming to represent Omegle are lying.
You: hi
Stranger: hey tyson here
You: whussup
Stranger: fine
Stranger: you ?
You: good
You: from?
Stranger: nyc
Stranger: you ?
You: jakarta
Stranger: coool
You: thanks
Stranger: lets exchnge pictures
Stranger: im from jakarta! Its my second home!
You: me? cant this time
You: for sure?
Stranger: yes
You: so ya still remember Bahasa Indonesia?
Stranger: little bit
You: show me
Stranger: apa kabar buk
You: haha
You: you really from nyc huh?
Stranger: so you like AAR? i would really like to see some of my fans here
Stranger: !
You: all american reject?
Stranger: yeah
You: a few months ago they were here
Stranger: Yes I know I went there. Im tyson. helllo.
Stranger: told you earlier
You: ?
Stranger: what r u doing?
Stranger: im tyson ritter. the singer of AAR
You: how can i know u r tyson?
Stranger: dont ya know?
Stranger: well I can take a pic of me right now
Stranger: if you want to
You: ok
Stranger: a minute
Stranger: there you go
You: for ensure me can u gimme ur facebook?then ill add u
You: then u confirm me
Stranger: i dont have a fb
Stranger: only the band acc
You: so you fool me?
Stranger: no
You: that photo might be taken a few days ago
Stranger: i just took it
You: tell me when you visit indonesia few monts ago
You: how was indonesia?
Stranger: indonesia was fine.june
Stranger: or july
Stranger: im not sure
Stranger: many places i went
You: such as...?
Stranger: i meant places around the world
Stranger: not indon
You: so when you live at nyc?after indonesia
You: since child even you forgot bahasa indonesia now
Stranger: whats wrong with you dude? mental problem?
You: no
Stranger: im in hollywood stuff now so duh i forgot all thos stuff
You: i just ensure my mind that youre relly tyson
You: no problem
You: hi
Stranger: well too bas if you dont trust me. i dont mind. dont even care
Your conversational partner has disconnected.

I like when he said "whats wrong with you dude? mental problem?" HAHAHA. Too bad he went off too fast because i felt i was fooled.
Actually at before i didn't know who the vocalist of AAR is, lol, and this pic was sent by him.

Oh please i hope i could meet Kyle Patrick at another time :(


jasminearab said...

apa kabar buk cute hhe
beneran dia tuh qil??fotonya sih dia hhe

Aqila Muthia said...

baik akuuu :D
iyaaa gatau deh bener kali hahaha

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