Nov 30, 2010

El Clasico Gallery 2010

To be up-to-date, I tag some pics of match Barcelona vs. Real Madrid (El Clasico)-the most eagerly awaited match on La Liga-(11/29/2010):

Xavi began Barca's goal feast in the 10th minute. Camp Nou suddenly erupted.

The second goal was made by Pedro who got assist from David Villa.

The first fighting on this match began with Ronaldo pushed Barca's coach, Pep Guardiola.

2 yellow cards finally issued to cr7 and Victor Valdes.

In his first match of El Clasico, David Villa made it well with his two goals in the 55th and 58th minute.

Xavi (left) was the master of midfield and conquest Ozil (right) who finally replaced by Lass in second round.

Both the captain and the keeper of Real Madrid, Iker Casillas got dissapointed of many goals into his net.

Both world's best players, Lionel Messi (left) and Christiano Ronaldo (right) who guessed would be the actors of El Clasico.

Carvalho elbowed Messi and he falled to the ground. But the referee issued a yellow card for Messi because it was a pretendence. Then the audience wondered where did Messi learn about diving?

Replacing Pedro in 87th minute, Jeffren Suarez closed his team's goal feast in the beginning of stopage time.

The climax of El Clasico's fighting happened in the last minute of the match. Sergio Ramos slapped his National teammate friend, Carles Puyol.

The fisrt and the last red card issued for Ramos. He's expelled the field after pushing Xavi.

El Barca gave their best performance in Camp Nou. The fans are extremely satisfied.



Anonymous said...

Very awesome collection...By the way I am a Real Madrid fan..but still hats off to Barcelona..for tomorrows match

Aqila Muthia said...

Good luck then, yesterday they were just oppressed by the audience on Camp Nou. But actually Real Madrid got so many talented players.

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