Dec 28, 2010

Kopdar 3 Baalwy

It's already 01:30 am and I got insomniac (again). Insomniac always infect me when holidays come. Basically, I hate this, but it sometimes help me to survive to stay up on watching either Premiere League or La Liga.

I'm now waiting for a match between Arsenal against Chelsea. But it still one half-hour, so I decide to continue my writing about the 3rd term of Kopdar Baalwy.

Ok, I'm starting...

Baalwy is back! That means we are still exist (this is our tagline. Note: if you don't know what Baalwy means please don't ask, just google it.). The annual event was held again for the third time on December 19th, 2010, at Rabithah Alawiyah building, South Jakarta. This association is an event where the whole arabian stars around the world (such as Aussie, Indonesia, Pakistan, Malaysia, and so forth) could meet each other.

I'm as one of the committee of this event (read: committe who never come for meetings) will elaborate about the event . Ok, without pleasantries, let's check the gallery below:

Start from the banner.
It takes four bottles of water as its ballast because the wind sucked. And like last Kopdar, the banner was designed by my brother :D. Too bad he couldn't attend because he had a private event.

Entering the building then you'd be seeing me first. Yes, in the first one hour I'm assigned as a receptionist (ha!) to give all guests a form to be filled.

And for the rest hours I'm assigned in the consumption that mean nocould to take any pics anymore. T^T

Yeah, it's me. The admin of this silly blog. Thank you for saying I'm fatter. I love the T-Shirt by the way.

The guests were waiting for the lift. The event held on the fourth floor.

Me with Imz Habsyi in the lift. She's assigned on the fifth floor to keep our guest stars (Asyikin Anabi, El Camaro Alwi Alkaff, Ustd. Ali Bahar, etc).

Foods for guest star:

This is our kitchen. All messy things happened here :D

one guest filling the guest book.

They are our presenters. Without three of them the event wouldn't be fun.
From left to right: Haffina Haddad, Bella Al-Habsyi, Sahil Mulachela. Sahil is our subscription presenter.

Approximately 250 guests attended with the almost equal comparison between the men and the women. Well, it's better than kopdar last year :)

Done! :D

We all do hope Kopdar Baalwy becomes a never-ending event. This should be held every year :)
See you next year mwah!

(photos by Sunnia Alatas)
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Dec 22, 2010

Thank You KP

This is it. For the rest of my life I'm waiting for this. You must say that I'm too hyperbolic, but yeah..this is me, KP's Lovers, who's cheerful when got reply from KP's official website. I don't care whether really KP or his manager who replied this, I'm certainly happy!

Well, I hope that he truly miss Indonesians, as he said.
I'm including the link here. Feel free to ask KP whatever question you want to ask :D

Thanks for your answer! Love Aqila.
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