Jan 29, 2011

Featured: CNS Magazine

I'm soooooo happy to be a contributor for C'n S Magazine :)
It's a little bit struggle actually since I'm totally blind about what I had to write about.
I first got in touch with the editor for several times before I finally start writing for this cool and smart magazine about Maroon 5.
And voila! In the Vol. 10 No. 77 February-March 2011, my first article was published! Yeay!

Click the image to see more clearly!

Special thanks to my best friend, Sha, who has become my personal editor, lol. And to C'n S Magazine's editor, Ms. Novi Safitri who gave me a very constructive criticism, I always remember that :)

Well, I do hope this will be a good beginning for my hobby. I got one more experience in journalism :)
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Jan 23, 2011

"The more we pray, the more we feel alive"

Safe - Westlife

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Featured: Komedi TV

One more experience in broadcasting/journalism that I have :). This one is from Komedi TV, the local TV station in Tangerang. After another ones came from Kompas MuDA and Global Radio Jakarta.

It Began when my teacher asked me to become the host of the new program which produced by Komedi TV called My School. It is about blanketing of the school itself that comprises of the extracurricular, school's curricullum, achivements, annual activities, and so on. This program needs one of the school's student to become its host.

The coverage took three days in my school: January 19th, 20th, and 22th, 2011. By chance, my school held a performing arts event on January 22th, so we covered that outright and also the preparation in the previous days.

As a newbie, I must concede that talking in front of the camera is NOT THAT EASY. You have to cope with your speaking style, speaking rate, facial expressions, and your body language. That's at least what I've experienced so far.

On the first day, I'm given the entire script. This is it:

This consists of seven pages and four segments within.

On the last day, due to the performing arts event has a guest star, so I had to interview them. I'm so glad to have a chance to interview Mocca Band :) in spite of I don't really know their songs.

I would really love to thank to all the crew of this program, I'm gonna miss you, I really am :'(, you've given me such a super experience. I do appreciate your cooperation.

(from right to left: Me, Desy (producer), Resna (cameramen), and Mr.Sofian. The left one is not our crew.

When I asked the producer about how's my grade between 1 to 10 of presenting this program, she gave me 8! (Yeay!), and the cameramen gave me 7.5 :). He revealed to me about my weakness: "You speak too fast!". Oh yeahhh everybody says that to me -_-

All in all, it's a pleasure to be trusted in becomeing a host.
Loads of thanks to Komedi TV :') I'mma be prettily patient waiting this program to be aired on March.

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Jan 18, 2011

"No mountain's too high for you to climb. All you have to do is have some climbing faith"

I'm Your Angel - R. Kelly & Celine Dion

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Jan 15, 2011

TCV is Now in My Hand

HOREEEY finally I reached the day when I receive TCV. Yes!! It's in my hand now. I kept on asking "Am I Dreaming?" to myself, but apparently, I'm not :)

Since it's first released in Singapore last November, every clickers around the world patiently waiting to get TCV in their country. The question is: Why did The Click Five released their third album in Singapore? Why not in their hometown, Boston?
Some clickers are deathly envy to clickers in Singapore, moreover to Indonesians. WE ARE THEIR NEIGHBOR BUT WE HAD TO KEEP ON WAITING ALONG TWO MONTHS TO GET TCV!

You might be sayin' that's only two months, but two months is like two years to us.
Well, that's ok since I've had it now.

By the way, I would love to thank to: Clickers Fega and Rianti for informing where I sholud purchase the CD, and to Musikplus which has been providing TCV :)

The Click Five's third album contains of:

1. The Way It Goes
2. I Quit! I Quit! I Quit!
3. Nobody's Business
4. Love Still Goes On
5. Don't Let Me Go
6. Fever For Shakin'
7. Way Back To You
8. The World Comes Crawlin' Back
9. Good As Gold
10. Be In Love
11. Balck Boots (Bonus Track)
12. Just Like My Heart Falls (Bonus Track)

The first, second, and fourth ones have ever been published before TCV out.
If I had to choose the best one, I couldn't. But some love Black Boots, so do I.

In short, I'm so glad to get this album in the beginning of 2011, I just guessed that I have to wait longer :D

Go grab it gals!

(photos: admin's document)

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How do I love them?

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Jan 7, 2011

Do You Have a Best Friend? I Hope You Do

Friend is somewhat different with best friend.
If a friend could be sad when we’re sad, a best friend would cry together with us.
A best friend always shares not only her excitement but also her sadness.

Best friend makes our life more meaningful, and also, somebody who can personally encourage our heart.

Best friend would be the first person-after our family-that knows about what we’ve achieved today.

Best friend is an appropriate place to run to spill our thoughts.
True best friend could make our heart bigger.

In my life, along I live, I only have one. My best friend is named Svetkarin (I'm used to call her Sha). I met her when we’re in the last grade of junior high, precisely in 2008. I wish I could write and explain every single thing about her, but it’ll surely take for days. Perhaps I can tell a-really-little-bit about her:

1. She is smart, like genius. The smartest young girl I have ever met. She has become my Wikipedia. Every question I ask, she will answer well. She teaches me about everything, including life.

2. She is not conceited. What the proof is she still wants to be friends with me. (Me: odd, silly and foolish).

3. I’m her follower, literally. Not only on twitter but also in real life. Sometimes I feel it’s such a plagiarism, but I’m enjoying as long as she doesn’t mind.:D

4. She has a herculean determination. I can’t depict about it.

5. She’s sometimes a trendsetter to me, and my inspiration as well. And she’s the only one who can waste her time to Skype with me.

Along more than two years I made friends with her, we have some best moments:

1. We ever have a favorite music program called O Clip. It’s aired every night at 00:00 am. So, it’s a struggle to watch it. What was fun is we always texting about the music video they broadcast. We’re such a good commentator.
Some our favorite music video: Standing In The Rain and When Will I See Your Face Again by Jamie Scott and The Town; Empty by The Click Five; The Great Escape by Boys Like Girls; Call Me When You’re Sober by Evanescence; Tattoo by Jordin Sparks; No Air by Jordin Sparks feat. Chris Brown; That’s Not My Name by The Ting Tings; and sooooo forth.

2. EURO CUP 2008. Okay, I must say that this is our best of the best moment and extremely unforgettable.
Hmm…ok, where do I start?
In Euro Cup 2008, we liked to hunt some fabulous (read: dashing) players. Actually I didn’t, but Sha forced me to see her recommendation. And in due course we got our own favorite player: Sha loves Iker Casillas, the keeper of Spanish National Team. And I love David Villa, the mainstay striker of Spanish National Team. Thank you Sha for introducing me about Villa, you’re my heroin, ha-ha.
We always texting about match we watched. The unimportant thing we did, but this was fun. And unpredictably our favorite team became the champion. Yeay!

3. Romantically, we both always watch The Twilight Series at movie.
Despite I need some coercions to persuade her to watch The Twilight Series (She tells that she doesn’t like Twilight, but I know she lies), but it always work out since I had XXI vouchers, so she didn’t need to pay. Lol.

4. Things we always do when hang out: Buying some unimportant stuff, spending money, going to Periplus or Gramedia, J.CO-ing, gossip-ing, and many more.

That’s all. Sometimes we have to appreciate about something in our life, like a friend we have.

I can’t imagine what my world would be without my best friend. If only there’s a more meaningful word besides Thank You, I must be having told you, Sha.

Thank you for being my best friend, you made me who I’m today. :')

photos:; admin's document

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Jan 4, 2011

Ask Me About Soccer

Q: When did you start loving football?
A: Since 2008.

Q: That means when the Euro Cup 2008 held?
A: I think so.

Q: Which team that you count on when it?
A: Spain, no wonder, since their first match.

Q: Who is your favorite player?
A: David Villa, till now.

Q: Who introduced Villa to you?
A: My best friend. She liked to hunt some great players

Q: What do you like from David Villa?
A: I wonder, maybe his skill, but that's too hypocritical. I love the way he carries the ball, the way he positions himself as the mainstay striker, and the way he smiles.

Q: So what did you feel when Spain won?
A: Speechless. Can't sleep along a week.

Q: About the World Cup 2010, what did you feel?
A: Honestly my feeling about Spain will match The Euro Cup and The World Cup was really strong. That's why I never felt afraid even when they against Germany or Netherland.

Q: What's your comment for the team?
A: They have the most beautiful teamwork ever.

Q: What is the most memorable from World Cup 2010?
A: Paul The Octopus (?)

Q: Seriously please
A: When Casillas crying in the minutes when Spain officially became the world's champion.

Q: Which club that become your favorite?
A: Valencia from 2008 to middle of 2010

Q: And now?
A: FC Barcelona of course

Q: Why?
A: Because, Villa switched to Barca.

Q: Is there a team that you hate?
A: Haha yes! I wont mention it, you-know-who. Eternal rival of Barca.

Q: Who is your favorite coach?
A: I dont know, between Pep or Del Bosque, but I adore Fergie also. It's somewhat a random.

Q: Do you have another mainstay players?
A: I do. Alexander Pato and Hatem Ben Arfa I think.

Q: Simply thing, What do you love from soccer?
A: It's fun when you see the players defending their each clubs, while they have to professionally become friends while defending their national team.

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