Jan 4, 2011

Ask Me About Soccer

Q: When did you start loving football?
A: Since 2008.

Q: That means when the Euro Cup 2008 held?
A: I think so.

Q: Which team that you count on when it?
A: Spain, no wonder, since their first match.

Q: Who is your favorite player?
A: David Villa, till now.

Q: Who introduced Villa to you?
A: My best friend. She liked to hunt some great players

Q: What do you like from David Villa?
A: I wonder, maybe his skill, but that's too hypocritical. I love the way he carries the ball, the way he positions himself as the mainstay striker, and the way he smiles.

Q: So what did you feel when Spain won?
A: Speechless. Can't sleep along a week.

Q: About the World Cup 2010, what did you feel?
A: Honestly my feeling about Spain will match The Euro Cup and The World Cup was really strong. That's why I never felt afraid even when they against Germany or Netherland.

Q: What's your comment for the team?
A: They have the most beautiful teamwork ever.

Q: What is the most memorable from World Cup 2010?
A: Paul The Octopus (?)

Q: Seriously please
A: When Casillas crying in the minutes when Spain officially became the world's champion.

Q: Which club that become your favorite?
A: Valencia from 2008 to middle of 2010

Q: And now?
A: FC Barcelona of course

Q: Why?
A: Because, Villa switched to Barca.

Q: Is there a team that you hate?
A: Haha yes! I wont mention it, you-know-who. Eternal rival of Barca.

Q: Who is your favorite coach?
A: I dont know, between Pep or Del Bosque, but I adore Fergie also. It's somewhat a random.

Q: Do you have another mainstay players?
A: I do. Alexander Pato and Hatem Ben Arfa I think.

Q: Simply thing, What do you love from soccer?
A: It's fun when you see the players defending their each clubs, while they have to professionally become friends while defending their national team.



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