Jan 29, 2011

Featured: CNS Magazine

I'm soooooo happy to be a contributor for C'n S Magazine :)
It's a little bit struggle actually since I'm totally blind about what I had to write about.
I first got in touch with the editor for several times before I finally start writing for this cool and smart magazine about Maroon 5.
And voila! In the Vol. 10 No. 77 February-March 2011, my first article was published! Yeay!

Click the image to see more clearly!

Special thanks to my best friend, Sha, who has become my personal editor, lol. And to C'n S Magazine's editor, Ms. Novi Safitri who gave me a very constructive criticism, I always remember that :)

Well, I do hope this will be a good beginning for my hobby. I got one more experience in journalism :)


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