Jan 15, 2011

TCV is Now in My Hand

HOREEEY finally I reached the day when I receive TCV. Yes!! It's in my hand now. I kept on asking "Am I Dreaming?" to myself, but apparently, I'm not :)

Since it's first released in Singapore last November, every clickers around the world patiently waiting to get TCV in their country. The question is: Why did The Click Five released their third album in Singapore? Why not in their hometown, Boston?
Some clickers are deathly envy to clickers in Singapore, moreover to Indonesians. WE ARE THEIR NEIGHBOR BUT WE HAD TO KEEP ON WAITING ALONG TWO MONTHS TO GET TCV!

You might be sayin' that's only two months, but two months is like two years to us.
Well, that's ok since I've had it now.

By the way, I would love to thank to: Clickers Fega and Rianti for informing where I sholud purchase the CD, and to Musikplus which has been providing TCV :)

The Click Five's third album contains of:

1. The Way It Goes
2. I Quit! I Quit! I Quit!
3. Nobody's Business
4. Love Still Goes On
5. Don't Let Me Go
6. Fever For Shakin'
7. Way Back To You
8. The World Comes Crawlin' Back
9. Good As Gold
10. Be In Love
11. Balck Boots (Bonus Track)
12. Just Like My Heart Falls (Bonus Track)

The first, second, and fourth ones have ever been published before TCV out.
If I had to choose the best one, I couldn't. But some love Black Boots, so do I.

In short, I'm so glad to get this album in the beginning of 2011, I just guessed that I have to wait longer :D

Go grab it gals!

(photos: admin's document)

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