Jan 23, 2011

Featured: Komedi TV

One more experience in broadcasting/journalism that I have :). This one is from Komedi TV, the local TV station in Tangerang. After another ones came from Kompas MuDA and Global Radio Jakarta.

It Began when my teacher asked me to become the host of the new program which produced by Komedi TV called My School. It is about blanketing of the school itself that comprises of the extracurricular, school's curricullum, achivements, annual activities, and so on. This program needs one of the school's student to become its host.

The coverage took three days in my school: January 19th, 20th, and 22th, 2011. By chance, my school held a performing arts event on January 22th, so we covered that outright and also the preparation in the previous days.

As a newbie, I must concede that talking in front of the camera is NOT THAT EASY. You have to cope with your speaking style, speaking rate, facial expressions, and your body language. That's at least what I've experienced so far.

On the first day, I'm given the entire script. This is it:

This consists of seven pages and four segments within.

On the last day, due to the performing arts event has a guest star, so I had to interview them. I'm so glad to have a chance to interview Mocca Band :) in spite of I don't really know their songs.

I would really love to thank to all the crew of this program, I'm gonna miss you, I really am :'(, you've given me such a super experience. I do appreciate your cooperation.

(from right to left: Me, Desy (producer), Resna (cameramen), and Mr.Sofian. The left one is not our crew.

When I asked the producer about how's my grade between 1 to 10 of presenting this program, she gave me 8! (Yeay!), and the cameramen gave me 7.5 :). He revealed to me about my weakness: "You speak too fast!". Oh yeahhh everybody says that to me -_-

All in all, it's a pleasure to be trusted in becomeing a host.
Loads of thanks to Komedi TV :') I'mma be prettily patient waiting this program to be aired on March.


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