Mar 4, 2011

Featured: CNS Magazine

I wrote two articles for CNS Magazine vol. 10 No. 78 March - April 2011. The first one is about The World's Smallest Countries (loaded for HOT 5 rubric on page 40) and for MUSICLIP rubric on page 58, I wrote about Bruno Mars: The Man Behind The Wonderful Voice.

Click the image to see more clearly!
So let's get C'nS's latest issue at the nearest bookstrore! :D

This issue is talking about Korean Wave.


Anonymous said...

Love the topic! Korean Wave! Congratulation on having your articles published! :)

Aqila Muthia said...

You know that my writings won't be published without your editing first :)

go get this magz then!
You'll see many girls wearing beautiful hanbok here!

Luluq Carbellani Baraqbah said...

I appreciate it sist :)

Aqila Muthia said...

Thank you ;)

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