Apr 27, 2011

Book Review: Unfinished Journal

Title : Unfinished Journal
Author : Fauzi Maulana
Publisher : PT Mizan Pustaka
Cover : Soft Cover
ISBN : 978-979-066-579-8
Released : 2011
Page : 166

A glimpse:

It’s 2093 and the world is getting worse. No trees, no clean water, even the waterfall has been polluted. Water is a rare thing right now. We only get 250 ml of waters to drink every day for each person.

Ardi Nurdiana lives in an artificial dome where he called ‘city’. The dome protects the people from the world outside that could kill them because it's full of radiation. One day, Ardi lost his best friend who has drunk polluted water. Not only that, Ardi also lost his parents because they cannot afford the oxygen bill which amounted IDR 3 million so they have to be expelled from the dome. Hearing it all, Prof. Erid (Ardi’s neighbor and friend) asks Ardi to back to the past through a time machine-which he has made for long years-to safe the future by fixing the past. So, will Ardi do that? What will he do to safe the future? Find out about the ending by reading his journal!

N.B I strongly recommend you to read this book. You will know what is going on in our earth these days.
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"Time=Life. Therefore, waste your time=waste your life. Master your time=master your life."

Alan Lakein

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Apr 13, 2011

@RealKylePatrick to @aqilashahab

Heyyyyy my readers (if any) I'm sooo happy now, yesss happy! Because FINALLY I got reply from Kyle Patrick on twitter, yeay! I'm such dreaming since I've been waiting for this for long time and been envy to my friends who have got reply from KP before either on twitter or Myspace.

Here's the tweet I tweeted to KP and its reply :)

For you (clickers) who haven't got it, keep tweeting!

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Apr 12, 2011

"Now I'm lovin' all the rain and I'm hopin' that it stays, cause it's lockin' us away"

Don't Think Twice - Kyle Patrick

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