Jun 5, 2011

Gallery of May

1. May 8th >> Mu aunt's wedding

2. My beloved sister and her both kids stayed for two weeks in my house :) (She lives in Semarang)
(My nephews, Ibrahim and Ishaq. I don't have my sister's pic, hehe)

3. May 16th >> My passing announcement

4. May 16th >> Kyle Patrick followed me on twitter!!

5. May 20th >> KP's 25th birthday

(On his 25th birthday, he announced his new project with PledgeMusic which is...oh guys you have to read his email by yourself to know how cool this project will be, it's so KP! (click the image above!)

6. May 20th >> Meeting my bff, Svetkarin :)
We went to a coffee shop and unfortunately I order a wrong coffee, it's tooooo bitter D;. I left a message to that shop, lol

7. May 21th >> My graduation party
(FYI this pic was taken by a freelance photographer and I bought this pic, hm)

8. May 28th >> Final match of Champions League
(This made up my happiness in this month :'), my best team, which I've been sticking up for long time, won this match, the most prestigious league in Europe!
And a few hours before the match begun, my brother came home from Bandung and surprisingly he brought me a new jersey of FCBarcelona (Qatar Foundation). I wore it during the match :) )

9. May 30th >> I received the 3D-glasses from KP :) and IT'S SIGNED!!
(Back to number 5 to know what the purposes of this 3D-glasses)

What a colorful May :)


Ali Reza said...

Selamat untuk kelulusannya!

Aqila Muthia said...

Terimakasih :)

Nayoust said...

Great ! Congratulation for all moments

Aqila Muthia said...

Thanks a bunch!

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