Jul 20, 2011

Indonesian Youth Conference 2011

This time I would love to talk about a youth event I just attended.
On last Saturday (July 17th) Indonesian Youth Conference was held for the second time. It's an annual event that was triggered by an Indonesian author, Alanda Kariza.

This year, the committee pick "Masa Depan Dimulai Dari Sekarang" as the tagline. They also provided numerous fields for this year's conference such as Media, Technology, Education, Diplomacy, Environment, and so forth. And the speakers? You'd regret if you missed it: Najwa Shihab, Putra Nababan, and Joko Anwar! All we've paid seemed worth it.

Aside from that, there was also a surprise session which performed Desi Anwar and Jay Subiakto! For one hour they both talk about how to manage young people to become a changer.

More than 700 Indonesian young people eagerly attended this conference. The festival seemed perfect with the last session closed by The Trees And The Wild, Seratus Persen, and Alexa Band. We had so much fun!

(photos: admin's document)


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