Jul 22, 2011

What We've Got From Indonesian Youth Conference 2011

Education Session

1. Anis Baswedan
> Let’s send some hope to our future through education.
> Start off with learning international languages (English/Spanish/Arabic/Chinese/etc).
> We have to emphasize our human resources’ best abilities.
> Education is not only government’s constitutional duty, but the duty of educated people.

2. Representative of Sokola Rimba
> Any kind of school has to be functional and flexible according to the current situation/local context.
> Thins/materials applied and thought at Sokola Rimba: basic essences, life skill, advocacy, etc..

3. Najeela Shihab (Sekolah Cikal)
> Innovative education= How to formulate good questions.
> Curriculum: tangible, intangible.
> School has to be universal since it represents real life
> There is a great difference between knowing a thing and understanding it.
> Everything we are learning is connected.
> Creativity comes from a disciplined mind.
> Secret weapons: low stress, enough sleep, plenty of exercise.
> Result is everyone’s personal aim.

noted by Svetkarin

Media Session

1. Najwa Shihab
Media Literacy:
> Select only the necessary information
> Perception is not reality
> Be critical in facing the message of information

2. Putra Nababan
> The principal of being a journalist: high curiosity

Diplomacy Session

1. US Embassy
Why is Indonesia Important To US?
> Security and stability
> Consolidating democracy
> Global Partner
> Strategic location
> Climate Change

Surprise Session

1. Desi Anwar
The 4 Principals:
        > Finding your focus
           The path of life : Internal - Passion
                                   : External – Purpose
        > Reduce the noise
           Eliminate: doubts, fears, opinions, expectations, day dreams, wasteful thoughts, mental laziness,            distraction, nurture awareness.
        > Visualization
           Creative visualization will help you realize your passion by focusing your mind on the object and           clearing away all obstacles.
       > Success
          Define your own success
          Do what rewards you personally and you’ll be good on it.

2. Jay Subiakto
> Being a not opportunistic young people.
> Keep loving Indonesia.
> Start from yourself and start now!

Final Thoughts:
1. Find your passion
2. Seek your purpose
3. Create meaning in everything you do
4. Teach your life as a life-long adventure and learning process.


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