Nov 19, 2011

Featured: CNS Magazine

It's been 3 MONTHS since the last time I posted on this blog.
You know, my new college is trying to kill me softly. It doesn't give me a time to mingle to people, moreover to UPDATE MY BLOG. Pathetic? So much. The tasks, papers, quizzes, and many more! Those who are killing me, but believe me or not in fact I only have SIX subjects.

By the way, after vacuum for hmmm... let me count, I think two editions, finally my articles come up again on CNS Magazine, yeay!! Aqila Shahab still exist B)
For this issue, I write 4 articles which are...

Greetings From Gamers.
As you can see on the cover, this issue is talking about Game Zone. And this is my first time to write for the main article, horeeey!
My beloved editor asked me to interview some gamers. What I had to ask is what are their favorite game and the reason included.
You can see the image below, Julius Ardiansyah; Arie Dwi Jayanto; Nicholas Rhino; and Ahmad Mahdi are whom I interviewed. They are my friends who are freak in games (well Ahmad Mahdi is actually my brother).
(Click the image to see more clearly!)

Next to HOT 5, rubric that I'm used to write. This time I write about Succesful Business People which mentions Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Walt Disney, Laskhmi Mittal, and Richard Branson. They are inspiring figures and I think you need to know them better.

(Click the image to see more clearly!)

I also wrote The Benefits of Napping for Eye Opener rubric :)

(Click the image to see more clearly!)

And the last one is Football Academy: The Place Where It All Started. Do you know how happy I am to be able writing for Sports Spot rubric? It's a new rubric, and since sports is so me, I wish I can consistently be involved to fill this rubric :')

(Click the image to see more clearly!)

That's all. Thank you for setting aside your worth time to read my blog :)
Will be back with another posts very soon. See ya!


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