Feb 21, 2010

Official Web of The Click Five

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The Click Five
Kyle Patrick
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Feb 18, 2010

Journalistic Photography

#Pengertian Foto Jurnalistik
Foto yang mengandung informasi.

#Macam-macam berita:
1. Hard News/Sport News
yaitu berita yang harus disampaikan dengan segera
2. Features/Soft News
3. Portrait/Head Shot
yaitu berita atau foto manusia beserta profesinya
4. Ilustrasi

#Lensa Kamera
1. Diafragma
bagian dari lensa kamera yang mengatur besar kecilnya cahaya masuk
2. Rana
baguan dari lensa kamera yang mengatur lama sebentarnya cahaya masuk

#4 elemen fotografi:
1. Pencahayaan
2. Angle
3. Komposisi
4. Momen

#Jenis-jenis Foto:
1. Safety Shot
yaitu foto yang diambil pada momen-
momen/kejadian yang tidak bisa terulang lagi
(biasa diambil dengan ju
mlah yang banyak kemudian dipilih mana foto yang terbaik)
2. Better Shot
hasil dari pemilihan pada foto-foto safety shot

#Format Foto:
1. Long Shot

2. Medium Shot

3. Detail/Close Up

#Format penyajian foto:
1. Landscape

2. Portrait

Informasi ini saya dapat ketika sedang training di Kompas selama 2 hari untuk menjadi wartawan foto (magang) di Kompas MuDa.
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Feb 1, 2010

How do I love them?

It's been approximately 3 years ago since I knew The Click Five. Honestly, for the first time I know, The Click Five looked just as usual with another band. But after Jenny mv played on many music programs for too many time...I finally curious to know more about them.
Firstly, I was so fascinated by KP's voice. It's impressive. And not only his voice but also his appearance that I love. :)
Then I realized that the vocalist is awesome (read: handsome). I fell in love with KP at the first sight. Lols.

After I heard 'Jenny' and 'Happy Birthday', I started to search their songs. And without thinking more....I bought their sophomore album: Modern Minds and Past Times :)
By that album I know who are Ben Romans, Ethan Mentzer, Joe Guese, Joey Zehr, Kyle Patrick, and especially who The Click Five is. :)

The songs have become part of my life.
They are successful to be my first love and blossoming into my whole life from earliest times until later :)
I heart you Guys ♥
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