Jul 26, 2010

I Found My Passion

Being an anchor is not as easy as I think. But After I learnt about broadcasting and journalism, I can't even stop myself because I'm officially addicted to this passion.

It began with my hobby of writing. Whatever it is, except narration. I don't know, however I already found myself is not great in writing narration. In spite of I love to read novel (more than love actually). Therefore I build a blog to improve my writing. My blog is now named which contains tons of articles. Blog has stimulated me to write. What is more, I'm confessing that my articles are just so and so. But I don't care, I'm gradually trying to make it more intriguing.

Back to why I want to be a journalist. In the middle of 2009, I was chosen by Kompas MuDA to work in (it was program for high school student which aimed to fill holiday). It such called apprentice. During holiday, about 3 weeks, you know I felt like "Journalism is extremely awesome". I got an unforgettable experience from Kompas MuDA. It introduced me about how to be a good reporter, photographer, and ins and outs about journalism. Start here I enhance my insight of journalism world.

Last but not least, on the next year I was given a chance to broadcast on my favorite radio (Y), Global Radio Jakarta. It was more than fun! I learnt to figure out how a radio announcer can broadcast easily but enjoy-to-listen.

Meanwhile, I'm now studying in vocational high school majoring in Information and Technology. Honestly, I feel such I'm not supposed to be majoring in IT at present due to its tuition. But not at all, I'm taking up web programming which I love. In fact, this is one of difficult subject I ever learnt.

Unlike other students in my class, I keep deepening web programming more and more. I don't feel reluctant to ask for help to the expert, following some training, and trying what modules say. Though I haven't gain what I should have now, but I keep trying. I love to do what people can't achieve, so I'm going to make it achievable for me.

This time I'm apparently hungover. Basically, my passion consists of:
-Web Programming
the question is: How do I combine these all? Any colleges provide major which reveres to my passion?

Gimme more..