Nov 30, 2010

El Clasico Gallery 2010

To be up-to-date, I tag some pics of match Barcelona vs. Real Madrid (El Clasico)-the most eagerly awaited match on La Liga-(11/29/2010):

Xavi began Barca's goal feast in the 10th minute. Camp Nou suddenly erupted.

The second goal was made by Pedro who got assist from David Villa.

The first fighting on this match began with Ronaldo pushed Barca's coach, Pep Guardiola.

2 yellow cards finally issued to cr7 and Victor Valdes.

In his first match of El Clasico, David Villa made it well with his two goals in the 55th and 58th minute.

Xavi (left) was the master of midfield and conquest Ozil (right) who finally replaced by Lass in second round.

Both the captain and the keeper of Real Madrid, Iker Casillas got dissapointed of many goals into his net.

Both world's best players, Lionel Messi (left) and Christiano Ronaldo (right) who guessed would be the actors of El Clasico.

Carvalho elbowed Messi and he falled to the ground. But the referee issued a yellow card for Messi because it was a pretendence. Then the audience wondered where did Messi learn about diving?

Replacing Pedro in 87th minute, Jeffren Suarez closed his team's goal feast in the beginning of stopage time.

The climax of El Clasico's fighting happened in the last minute of the match. Sergio Ramos slapped his National teammate friend, Carles Puyol.

The fisrt and the last red card issued for Ramos. He's expelled the field after pushing Xavi.

El Barca gave their best performance in Camp Nou. The fans are extremely satisfied.

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Nov 19, 2010

Book Review: Glee-The Beginning (Awal Mula)

Title : Glee – The Beginning (Awal Mula)
Author : Sophia Lowell
Translator : Nina Andiana
Publisher : PT Gramedia Pustaka Utama
Cover : Soft Cover
ISBN : 978-979-22-6269-8
Released : 2010
Page : 216
Overall Rating : B+

A glimpse:

“We sound like a bunch of amateurs,” Kurt announced on one of Glee Club exercise in the choir room.

Yes, Glee Club is not as exist as ever. It only now has four members: Mercedes, Tina, Kurt, and Artie Abrams. Coach Mr. Ryerson who never come to teach them is one of the problem.

But it stopped since Rachel Berry join Glee Club. At the first, Mercedes, Tina, and Artie dislike her due to her bossy trait. But this girl whose a splendid voice, determined to train them until ready to perform.

Rachel Berry struggled to make Glee Club reborn in spite of there’s so many obstacles. Because almost the whole McKinley High’s students despise about Glee Club. Moreover, the girls of Cheerio-the most reputable girls extracurricular in McKinley High-always harass them. Yet, They devastated Glee’s performance in McKinley High Recital!

But what’s going on then? Will Rachel just be quite on facing the Cheerios?
And what did Rachel, Mercedes, Kurt, Tina, and Artie do on the election of the king-queen of Homecoming event?

Find out also about triangle love between Rachel and the Leader of Cheerio, Quinn Fabray, and Finn Hudson, the most popular guy plus football player in McKinley High.

“Reading this story makes you wanna sing and laugh.”
“It is packed with various cases which usually happen in our school, but differently McKinley High got unique coaches and teachers.”

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Nov 18, 2010

Blogging Workshop with Margareta Astaman

Have you ever heard about Margareta Astaman?
A 24-year-old energic, powerful, and smart girl who has just released her third book titled After Orchard, a story about the author's experience in Singapore.

Lucky me, on yesterday-Nov 14th 2010-I attended a workshop about blogging where the speaker was Margareta Astaman. "Inspirasi Penulis Muda" became the theme of this workshop which held in order to celebrating 4th anniversary of Kompas MuDA.

Wearing a short black dress combined with red high heels, Margareta, or used to called Margie, began her presentation with “WELCOME TO THE FUTURE!” on the first slide. More than 70 teens in the room suddenly wonder. What does it mean?
To her, blogging is one of way to achieve your future. So, If you’re now a blogger, no matter what you write about, you already go through the way to your future.

A bit flashback about Margareta Astaman, after graduating from Santa Ursula, Jakarta, she decided to migrate to the country side, Singapore, to continue her study. As far as I listen to her talk, she took up Journalism. Blogging, is her main activity at present. she started blogging in 2007 since she felt lonely in Singapore. Margareta is now working for Indonesian MSN as portal executive. It's written on her post

Next slide, she asked us about Have we ever google our own name? About half of the applicants raised their hand. Then she asked for a volunteer that willing to google his name. What she did next is googling the volunteer’s name, and aside from that she also introduced us about this site: I bet the whole applicants have never heard about it before, including me. is the site which we can use to know about our social network in the virtual word by only typing our name! It works, guys! Use the demos version for free.

Well now, I'mma tell you all what I've gained from the workshop.

Ways to Get Inspiration:

To her, meditation is an effective way to get an inspiration. But in these hectic days, Do we still have a time to do a meditation? It’s such a waste of time -_-
So she jumped to next choice:

Wishing to dream about something amazing that you can use as your inspiration to write. (Like Stephenie Meyer maybe :D)

Watching TV
That’s true, TV has tons of inspiration. I experienced in this way.

Listening Your Lecture
Listen what your Lecture talk about could enrich your inspiration.

Steps Before You Write:

Collect the points what You will write
for this instance she recommended us to use software like Xmind, or it’s OK to do by your own way.

What is it for the reader
Think more: you write is for the reader, not for yourself.

Balancing Points
Make your writing balance before it posted. Balance in every aspect.

Read a hundred times to check what is not balance in every aspect of your writing.

*The first 30 words determine the next 30 words will be read or not

Tips to begin your post:

Startle the readers with question so they’ll be curious what’s the answer next.
This for you who has high a sense of humor. But not really, lol
I personally think this is the most potential way to attract the readers.
is about why you are writing this post.

Be Aware of

1. Adjectives
2. Transition
3. Words repetitions
4. Spacing
Once you stuck of these 4 things, the readers could be saturated.

Before closing her presentation, she concluded and emphasize about 3 things:
Be an honest, peace-loving, and typical Blogger :)

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