Nov 22, 2011

Featured: FCB Indonesia

Thank God for finally giving me an oportunity to do something I love :)

I was offered to write for FCB Indonesia's official website by one of admin of @FCB_Indonesia. Then without thinking more, I accept that tempting offer :)
Thanks to Bung Salman :)
I promise to always keep writing for

This is my first article titled "Rafinha Memperpanjang Kontraknya" (Rafinha Renewed his Contract).

(Click the image to see more clearly)

Will catch you later on the next post :)
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Nov 21, 2011

“Wanting him is hard to forget, loving him is hard to regret, losing him is hard to accept, but even with all the hurt I’ve felt, letting go is the most painful yet”


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Nov 19, 2011

Featured: CNS Magazine

It's been 3 MONTHS since the last time I posted on this blog.
You know, my new college is trying to kill me softly. It doesn't give me a time to mingle to people, moreover to UPDATE MY BLOG. Pathetic? So much. The tasks, papers, quizzes, and many more! Those who are killing me, but believe me or not in fact I only have SIX subjects.

By the way, after vacuum for hmmm... let me count, I think two editions, finally my articles come up again on CNS Magazine, yeay!! Aqila Shahab still exist B)
For this issue, I write 4 articles which are...

Greetings From Gamers.
As you can see on the cover, this issue is talking about Game Zone. And this is my first time to write for the main article, horeeey!
My beloved editor asked me to interview some gamers. What I had to ask is what are their favorite game and the reason included.
You can see the image below, Julius Ardiansyah; Arie Dwi Jayanto; Nicholas Rhino; and Ahmad Mahdi are whom I interviewed. They are my friends who are freak in games (well Ahmad Mahdi is actually my brother).
(Click the image to see more clearly!)

Next to HOT 5, rubric that I'm used to write. This time I write about Succesful Business People which mentions Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Walt Disney, Laskhmi Mittal, and Richard Branson. They are inspiring figures and I think you need to know them better.

(Click the image to see more clearly!)

I also wrote The Benefits of Napping for Eye Opener rubric :)

(Click the image to see more clearly!)

And the last one is Football Academy: The Place Where It All Started. Do you know how happy I am to be able writing for Sports Spot rubric? It's a new rubric, and since sports is so me, I wish I can consistently be involved to fill this rubric :')

(Click the image to see more clearly!)

That's all. Thank you for setting aside your worth time to read my blog :)
Will be back with another posts very soon. See ya!

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“Cause if you don't dream big, what's the use in dreaming?”

David Cook-Dream Big

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Aug 16, 2011

Welcome Home, Cesc!

FINALLY FRANCESC FABREGAS JOINED THE FC BARCELONA, the club where he grew up. I don't know how to feel, I'm just EXCITED!! To Arsenal, I thank you for finally allowing Barca to buy Cesc, we owe you much and I pray all the best for you this season. And to Barca, Congratulations! Finally you made Cesc came back to his hometown!!

Monday, August 15th, 2011, was Cesc day. He passed the day to accomplish his transfer progress with his new team. Even on twitter, #cescFCB and Camp Nou were trending on that day!

The news of Cesc Fabregas finally joined FC Barcelona was updated every second by @barcastuff. From the moment of Cesc's arrival in Barcelona to the press conference.

Here I summarize the news from @barcastuff's Timeline,
happy reading.

Presentation of Cesc Fabregas at the Camp Nou:

The Press Conference:

Cesc: "I waited many days, months, years for this moment. I return home after 8 years."

Cesc: "The people and the club made my dream possible ,and now I want to pay them back."

Cesc: "It's a very happy day for me, I think you see it on my face. It have been difficult weeks and months of uncertainty."

Cesc: "Wenger knew what I wanted for a long time and he understood it. He treated me in a phenomenal way."

Cesc: "On Friday, I said goodbye of everyone at Arsenal, it was very sad and emotional, especially with the coach. But life continues."

Cesc: "Of course I like my friends and family a lot, but I'm not here for them, but to work hard for FC Barcelona."

Cesc: "What does 'moc moc' mean? Honestly, I don't know (laughs). No, it's based on a youtube video, Pique can explain it better than me."

Cesc: "I'm sorry I couldn't say anything to the Arsenal fans over the last couple of months. Arsenal didn't allow me to talk with anyone."

Cesc: "Wenger will always be the best person I met in football. The Arsenal fans know I always gave everything, but it was time to leave."

*The last sentence really touches me :')

And a moment after the Press Conference, Cesc changed his bio on twitter:


Then he updated his twitter:

To all Gunners: A big thank you for your unconditional support during the last 8 yrs. Just say that I will always carry you in my heart!

Als Culés: Gràcies per aquesta rebuda tant impressionant, a tots els que heu vingut al camp i pels missatges rebuts! Ha estat molt especial.

@Persie_Official @aaronjramsey @JackWilshere @13Szczesny13 @Nanas08 thank u all for ur kind messages my friends and for helping me enjoy...

...what i love most in this world that is playing football. And the most important, best of luck tonight, ill be watching as usual. #Arsenal

Once a gunner, always a gunner. Have a good day guys.


Arsene Wenger talked about Cesc

Wenger: "We lost a world class player. We're sad, we did fight to keep Cesc but in the end you also have to respect the player's desire."

Wenger (coach Arsenal): "To get the best out of a player, he needs to be completely commited to where he is, and Cesc wanted to go back."

Wenger: "Cesc didn't go for financial reasons or because he didn't love this club, but because he wanted to play for his hometown."

Wenger (coach Arsenal): "Cesc has given us eight years and it was a pleasure to work with him on a daily basis." []

Wenger: "If you can make an auction between Madrid, Chelsea and City, you will get more money, but Cesc just wanted to go to Barcelona."

Short messages from Cesc's mates on their own twitter. Reading these tweets can show us how important Cesc to all his friends.

Well my friend, i wish you all the best. I know you since we were 15 and i can say what a great player you become and a great friend as well

I wish you the world my friend, going to miss you FAB 4

Good luck to my friend @cesc4official at barca!Very sad to see him leave,learnt alot from him!great role model! Best of luck mate!

Congratulation to my mate @cesc4official i will miss you world class player and top men

Congratulations to @cesc4official move to Barca. We will miss u here! Enjoyyy it! Respect amigo

Wishing @cesc4official the best of luck with his new club, great role model and a great guy!

Good luck to our friend and captain @cesc4official. He's been fantastic for Arsenal and will be missed at the club!

Jenkinson (Arsenal): "Cesc was our captain, a great player and friend. It's sad to see him go but our spirit will see us through."

Even Rio Ferdinand also tweeted about him:

@rioferdy5 Rio Ferdinand
So the Fabregas transfer saga is over as he signs for Barca. Good luck to him, top player. I'm interested to see where Barca will fit him in

Well thanks Cesc. Welcome back and we hope you to do your best for the team. 

*moc moc*

P.S : Thanks to @barcastuff for being such the most up-to-date twitter-news.

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“Football is an honest game. It's true to life . It's a game about sharing. Football is a team game. So is life.”

Joe Namath

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Jul 22, 2011

What We've Got From Indonesian Youth Conference 2011

Education Session

1. Anis Baswedan
> Let’s send some hope to our future through education.
> Start off with learning international languages (English/Spanish/Arabic/Chinese/etc).
> We have to emphasize our human resources’ best abilities.
> Education is not only government’s constitutional duty, but the duty of educated people.

2. Representative of Sokola Rimba
> Any kind of school has to be functional and flexible according to the current situation/local context.
> Thins/materials applied and thought at Sokola Rimba: basic essences, life skill, advocacy, etc..

3. Najeela Shihab (Sekolah Cikal)
> Innovative education= How to formulate good questions.
> Curriculum: tangible, intangible.
> School has to be universal since it represents real life
> There is a great difference between knowing a thing and understanding it.
> Everything we are learning is connected.
> Creativity comes from a disciplined mind.
> Secret weapons: low stress, enough sleep, plenty of exercise.
> Result is everyone’s personal aim.

noted by Svetkarin

Media Session

1. Najwa Shihab
Media Literacy:
> Select only the necessary information
> Perception is not reality
> Be critical in facing the message of information

2. Putra Nababan
> The principal of being a journalist: high curiosity

Diplomacy Session

1. US Embassy
Why is Indonesia Important To US?
> Security and stability
> Consolidating democracy
> Global Partner
> Strategic location
> Climate Change

Surprise Session

1. Desi Anwar
The 4 Principals:
        > Finding your focus
           The path of life : Internal - Passion
                                   : External – Purpose
        > Reduce the noise
           Eliminate: doubts, fears, opinions, expectations, day dreams, wasteful thoughts, mental laziness,            distraction, nurture awareness.
        > Visualization
           Creative visualization will help you realize your passion by focusing your mind on the object and           clearing away all obstacles.
       > Success
          Define your own success
          Do what rewards you personally and you’ll be good on it.

2. Jay Subiakto
> Being a not opportunistic young people.
> Keep loving Indonesia.
> Start from yourself and start now!

Final Thoughts:
1. Find your passion
2. Seek your purpose
3. Create meaning in everything you do
4. Teach your life as a life-long adventure and learning process.
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"When you feel like giving up, remember why you held on for so long in the first place"


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Jul 20, 2011

Indonesian Youth Conference 2011

This time I would love to talk about a youth event I just attended.
On last Saturday (July 17th) Indonesian Youth Conference was held for the second time. It's an annual event that was triggered by an Indonesian author, Alanda Kariza.

This year, the committee pick "Masa Depan Dimulai Dari Sekarang" as the tagline. They also provided numerous fields for this year's conference such as Media, Technology, Education, Diplomacy, Environment, and so forth. And the speakers? You'd regret if you missed it: Najwa Shihab, Putra Nababan, and Joko Anwar! All we've paid seemed worth it.

Aside from that, there was also a surprise session which performed Desi Anwar and Jay Subiakto! For one hour they both talk about how to manage young people to become a changer.

More than 700 Indonesian young people eagerly attended this conference. The festival seemed perfect with the last session closed by The Trees And The Wild, Seratus Persen, and Alexa Band. We had so much fun!

(photos: admin's document)
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Jul 19, 2011

"Experience is not what happens to you; it is what you do with what happens to you"

Aldous Huxley

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Jun 7, 2011

Best Transfer in 2010-2011


(Valencia to FCBarcelona)

(FCBarcelona to AC Milan)

(Liverpool to Chelsea)

(Ajax Amsterdam to Liverpool)

(Newcastle Utd to Liverpool)

(Manchester City to Real Madrid)

(PSV Eindhoven to FCBarcelona)
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"Do what you love, and you will find the way to get it out to the world"

Judy Collins

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Jun 5, 2011

Gallery of May

1. May 8th >> Mu aunt's wedding

2. My beloved sister and her both kids stayed for two weeks in my house :) (She lives in Semarang)
(My nephews, Ibrahim and Ishaq. I don't have my sister's pic, hehe)

3. May 16th >> My passing announcement

4. May 16th >> Kyle Patrick followed me on twitter!!

5. May 20th >> KP's 25th birthday

(On his 25th birthday, he announced his new project with PledgeMusic which is...oh guys you have to read his email by yourself to know how cool this project will be, it's so KP! (click the image above!)

6. May 20th >> Meeting my bff, Svetkarin :)
We went to a coffee shop and unfortunately I order a wrong coffee, it's tooooo bitter D;. I left a message to that shop, lol

7. May 21th >> My graduation party
(FYI this pic was taken by a freelance photographer and I bought this pic, hm)

8. May 28th >> Final match of Champions League
(This made up my happiness in this month :'), my best team, which I've been sticking up for long time, won this match, the most prestigious league in Europe!
And a few hours before the match begun, my brother came home from Bandung and surprisingly he brought me a new jersey of FCBarcelona (Qatar Foundation). I wore it during the match :) )

9. May 30th >> I received the 3D-glasses from KP :) and IT'S SIGNED!!
(Back to number 5 to know what the purposes of this 3D-glasses)

What a colorful May :)
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"No matter how hard you hug your money, it never hugs you back"

P.S I Love You

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May 27, 2011

We're Up, WEMBLEY!

I’m so proud to be a fan of FC Barcelona. They are freaking amazing especially on this season because they finally reached the final match of the most prestigious league in Europe: Champions League!

About 4 months ago, I -with full of confidence- predicted that the final match of Champions League 2010-2011 is going to be Manchester United versus FC Barcelona. Well, we now know that will happen. This is going to be the biggest match ever because both teams come as the champions of their domestic leagues.

It was absolutely a struggle to reach the final match for both teams. Barcelona had to face several strong teams such as Arsenal in the knockout phase and Real Madrid in the semifinal, while Man  United succeed in defeating Schalke 04 in the semifinal. They are indeed the proper teams to compete in final.

Well, I hope The Red Manchester will not follow up the revenge mission to beat La Blaugrana considering what they have done to MU in the final match of Champions League last 2009, lol. I don’t want to predict what the scores will be, but I just support the best team (read: Barcelona) to be the champion.
So, yes! We are ready to fight at Wembley Stadium, ready to be the next champion!

Visca Barca, més que un club

Messi: "In football you never know what is going to happen, but as far I'm concerned I would like to play for Barcelona forever." [bbc]

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"If you decide to come and stay, no need to knock cause I'm unlocked"

I Only Know How To Be In Love-Kyle Patrick

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May 26, 2011

Featured: CNS Magazine

Since twitter has become a part of my life, I wanted to share what actually occur on twitter and what kind of twitters that we can find. These days, people have already got their own twitter based on their interests. And for this issue of CNS Magazine, I chose several cool twitters which you can follow to color your timeline.
Enjoy :)

(Click the image to see more clearly!)
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"Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new"

Albert Einstein

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May 16, 2011

Thanks Kyle!

Where do I start? Oh My Gosh, I'm going crazy now, pleaseeee pleaseee listen to me, I'm not kidding:
@RealKylePatrick IS NOW FOLLOWING ME ON TWITTER!!!!! I repeat once again, @RealKylePatrick IS NOW FOLLOWING ME ON TWITTER!!! *fainted*
I never even dreamt about it!

this is the proof:

Sorry I don't know what to say anymore, I'm going to calm down myself now.

See you on the next post, I really really want to share a lot to you all!
*hugs and kisses*
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"Love is not blind but only paralyze our logic"

Mario Teguh

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Apr 27, 2011

Book Review: Unfinished Journal

Title : Unfinished Journal
Author : Fauzi Maulana
Publisher : PT Mizan Pustaka
Cover : Soft Cover
ISBN : 978-979-066-579-8
Released : 2011
Page : 166

A glimpse:

It’s 2093 and the world is getting worse. No trees, no clean water, even the waterfall has been polluted. Water is a rare thing right now. We only get 250 ml of waters to drink every day for each person.

Ardi Nurdiana lives in an artificial dome where he called ‘city’. The dome protects the people from the world outside that could kill them because it's full of radiation. One day, Ardi lost his best friend who has drunk polluted water. Not only that, Ardi also lost his parents because they cannot afford the oxygen bill which amounted IDR 3 million so they have to be expelled from the dome. Hearing it all, Prof. Erid (Ardi’s neighbor and friend) asks Ardi to back to the past through a time machine-which he has made for long years-to safe the future by fixing the past. So, will Ardi do that? What will he do to safe the future? Find out about the ending by reading his journal!

N.B I strongly recommend you to read this book. You will know what is going on in our earth these days.
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"Time=Life. Therefore, waste your time=waste your life. Master your time=master your life."

Alan Lakein

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Apr 13, 2011

@RealKylePatrick to @aqilashahab

Heyyyyy my readers (if any) I'm sooo happy now, yesss happy! Because FINALLY I got reply from Kyle Patrick on twitter, yeay! I'm such dreaming since I've been waiting for this for long time and been envy to my friends who have got reply from KP before either on twitter or Myspace.

Here's the tweet I tweeted to KP and its reply :)

For you (clickers) who haven't got it, keep tweeting!

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Apr 12, 2011

"Now I'm lovin' all the rain and I'm hopin' that it stays, cause it's lockin' us away"

Don't Think Twice - Kyle Patrick

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Mar 17, 2011

La Masia, The Place where All Begun

Ok, before I start writing this post, I want to promise to myself that someday I will send my son to La Masia as he will grow up there. I just want my son to be the next Lionel Messi. Amen.

La Masia (the farmhouse), was established in 1702 and located at Catalunya, precisely next to Camp Nou. With the total area of 610 m2. This stone house was formerly used as a workshop to the architects of Camp Nou. Then it’s functioned for the FC Barcelona's training facilities since Enric Llaudet’s leadership in September, 1966. Even though La Masia had been already built since 1702, but it’s newly inaugurated in October 20th, 1979.

Till now, La Masia has roughly 400 alumni. About 10% of it now becomes the main players of FC Barcelona such as Lionel Messi, Carles Puyol, Xavi Hernández, Andrés Iniesta, Gerard Piqué, FC Barcelona’s current coach, Joseph Pep Guardiola, and many others.

To know more about this successful youth academy of Barcelona, you better read on Wikipedia since it provides complete information. No! I’m not lazy to continue this writing, I just think it will be useless while Wikipedia has written it. Ha-ha

At least I show you some images of La Masia

Enjoy :)

Location of La Masia where is near to Camp Nou

Boys of La Masia

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"People say that you are going the wrong way when it's simply a way of your own"

Angelina Jolie

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Mar 4, 2011

Featured: CNS Magazine

I wrote two articles for CNS Magazine vol. 10 No. 78 March - April 2011. The first one is about The World's Smallest Countries (loaded for HOT 5 rubric on page 40) and for MUSICLIP rubric on page 58, I wrote about Bruno Mars: The Man Behind The Wonderful Voice.

Click the image to see more clearly!
So let's get C'nS's latest issue at the nearest bookstrore! :D

This issue is talking about Korean Wave.
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"What you do defines who you are, who you are defines what you do"

Across The Universe

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Feb 13, 2011

Best Kick I've Ever Seen!

As we watch on FA Cup's match last night (13/2) i.e match between Manchester United against Manchester City, or used to call Derby of Manchaster, Wayne Rooney scored a goal which also determined United's victory over City.
But did you know what kind of goal that Rooney scored? In front of his million fans at Old Trafford, Rooney showed his best goal along his career in football. A spectacular overhead kick came from right leg of this United's mainstay striker. Assisted by Nani, Rooney then superbly scored the second goal for United and made the keeper of Manchaster City speechless.

"Rooney's overhead kick was not simply confirmation that he remains England's most natural, instinctive talent. In the context of the Premier League title race it may prove priceless" -PHIL MCNULTY'S BLOG-

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"If you wanna make the world a better place, take a look at yourself and then make a change"

Man In The Mirror - Michael Jackson

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Jan 29, 2011

Featured: CNS Magazine

I'm soooooo happy to be a contributor for C'n S Magazine :)
It's a little bit struggle actually since I'm totally blind about what I had to write about.
I first got in touch with the editor for several times before I finally start writing for this cool and smart magazine about Maroon 5.
And voila! In the Vol. 10 No. 77 February-March 2011, my first article was published! Yeay!

Click the image to see more clearly!

Special thanks to my best friend, Sha, who has become my personal editor, lol. And to C'n S Magazine's editor, Ms. Novi Safitri who gave me a very constructive criticism, I always remember that :)

Well, I do hope this will be a good beginning for my hobby. I got one more experience in journalism :)
Alhamdulillah. Gimme more..

Jan 23, 2011

"The more we pray, the more we feel alive"

Safe - Westlife

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Featured: Komedi TV

One more experience in broadcasting/journalism that I have :). This one is from Komedi TV, the local TV station in Tangerang. After another ones came from Kompas MuDA and Global Radio Jakarta.

It Began when my teacher asked me to become the host of the new program which produced by Komedi TV called My School. It is about blanketing of the school itself that comprises of the extracurricular, school's curricullum, achivements, annual activities, and so on. This program needs one of the school's student to become its host.

The coverage took three days in my school: January 19th, 20th, and 22th, 2011. By chance, my school held a performing arts event on January 22th, so we covered that outright and also the preparation in the previous days.

As a newbie, I must concede that talking in front of the camera is NOT THAT EASY. You have to cope with your speaking style, speaking rate, facial expressions, and your body language. That's at least what I've experienced so far.

On the first day, I'm given the entire script. This is it:

This consists of seven pages and four segments within.

On the last day, due to the performing arts event has a guest star, so I had to interview them. I'm so glad to have a chance to interview Mocca Band :) in spite of I don't really know their songs.

I would really love to thank to all the crew of this program, I'm gonna miss you, I really am :'(, you've given me such a super experience. I do appreciate your cooperation.

(from right to left: Me, Desy (producer), Resna (cameramen), and Mr.Sofian. The left one is not our crew.

When I asked the producer about how's my grade between 1 to 10 of presenting this program, she gave me 8! (Yeay!), and the cameramen gave me 7.5 :). He revealed to me about my weakness: "You speak too fast!". Oh yeahhh everybody says that to me -_-

All in all, it's a pleasure to be trusted in becomeing a host.
Loads of thanks to Komedi TV :') I'mma be prettily patient waiting this program to be aired on March.

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