Aug 16, 2011

Welcome Home, Cesc!

FINALLY FRANCESC FABREGAS JOINED THE FC BARCELONA, the club where he grew up. I don't know how to feel, I'm just EXCITED!! To Arsenal, I thank you for finally allowing Barca to buy Cesc, we owe you much and I pray all the best for you this season. And to Barca, Congratulations! Finally you made Cesc came back to his hometown!!

Monday, August 15th, 2011, was Cesc day. He passed the day to accomplish his transfer progress with his new team. Even on twitter, #cescFCB and Camp Nou were trending on that day!

The news of Cesc Fabregas finally joined FC Barcelona was updated every second by @barcastuff. From the moment of Cesc's arrival in Barcelona to the press conference.

Here I summarize the news from @barcastuff's Timeline,
happy reading.

Presentation of Cesc Fabregas at the Camp Nou:

The Press Conference:

Cesc: "I waited many days, months, years for this moment. I return home after 8 years."

Cesc: "The people and the club made my dream possible ,and now I want to pay them back."

Cesc: "It's a very happy day for me, I think you see it on my face. It have been difficult weeks and months of uncertainty."

Cesc: "Wenger knew what I wanted for a long time and he understood it. He treated me in a phenomenal way."

Cesc: "On Friday, I said goodbye of everyone at Arsenal, it was very sad and emotional, especially with the coach. But life continues."

Cesc: "Of course I like my friends and family a lot, but I'm not here for them, but to work hard for FC Barcelona."

Cesc: "What does 'moc moc' mean? Honestly, I don't know (laughs). No, it's based on a youtube video, Pique can explain it better than me."

Cesc: "I'm sorry I couldn't say anything to the Arsenal fans over the last couple of months. Arsenal didn't allow me to talk with anyone."

Cesc: "Wenger will always be the best person I met in football. The Arsenal fans know I always gave everything, but it was time to leave."

*The last sentence really touches me :')

And a moment after the Press Conference, Cesc changed his bio on twitter:


Then he updated his twitter:

To all Gunners: A big thank you for your unconditional support during the last 8 yrs. Just say that I will always carry you in my heart!

Als Culés: Gràcies per aquesta rebuda tant impressionant, a tots els que heu vingut al camp i pels missatges rebuts! Ha estat molt especial.

@Persie_Official @aaronjramsey @JackWilshere @13Szczesny13 @Nanas08 thank u all for ur kind messages my friends and for helping me enjoy...

...what i love most in this world that is playing football. And the most important, best of luck tonight, ill be watching as usual. #Arsenal

Once a gunner, always a gunner. Have a good day guys.


Arsene Wenger talked about Cesc

Wenger: "We lost a world class player. We're sad, we did fight to keep Cesc but in the end you also have to respect the player's desire."

Wenger (coach Arsenal): "To get the best out of a player, he needs to be completely commited to where he is, and Cesc wanted to go back."

Wenger: "Cesc didn't go for financial reasons or because he didn't love this club, but because he wanted to play for his hometown."

Wenger (coach Arsenal): "Cesc has given us eight years and it was a pleasure to work with him on a daily basis." []

Wenger: "If you can make an auction between Madrid, Chelsea and City, you will get more money, but Cesc just wanted to go to Barcelona."

Short messages from Cesc's mates on their own twitter. Reading these tweets can show us how important Cesc to all his friends.

Well my friend, i wish you all the best. I know you since we were 15 and i can say what a great player you become and a great friend as well

I wish you the world my friend, going to miss you FAB 4

Good luck to my friend @cesc4official at barca!Very sad to see him leave,learnt alot from him!great role model! Best of luck mate!

Congratulation to my mate @cesc4official i will miss you world class player and top men

Congratulations to @cesc4official move to Barca. We will miss u here! Enjoyyy it! Respect amigo

Wishing @cesc4official the best of luck with his new club, great role model and a great guy!

Good luck to our friend and captain @cesc4official. He's been fantastic for Arsenal and will be missed at the club!

Jenkinson (Arsenal): "Cesc was our captain, a great player and friend. It's sad to see him go but our spirit will see us through."

Even Rio Ferdinand also tweeted about him:

@rioferdy5 Rio Ferdinand
So the Fabregas transfer saga is over as he signs for Barca. Good luck to him, top player. I'm interested to see where Barca will fit him in

Well thanks Cesc. Welcome back and we hope you to do your best for the team. 

*moc moc*

P.S : Thanks to @barcastuff for being such the most up-to-date twitter-news.

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“Football is an honest game. It's true to life . It's a game about sharing. Football is a team game. So is life.”

Joe Namath

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