Dec 21, 2012

“People think it is holding on that makes you stronger, but sometimes it's letting go.”


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Nov 24, 2012

a pic of me and my idol, Najwa Shihab.
The best news anchor ever.
Wish I could be the next her.
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Sep 19, 2012

“Passion is energy. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you.”

Oprah Winfrey

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Sep 9, 2012


I finally thought that I need to update my blog before the new semester begins. Moreover, Feb 10 is the last time I updated this blog.

Anyway, my sophomore year is coming. And it will be epic!
This semester I’m taking 6 subjects, which are TV Creative Planning; TV Programming; Social Statistics; Law & Ethics of Broadcasting; Mass Communication; and English 1!
I’m grateful that I always love my broadcasting subjects, at least that shows me I’m not wrong taking this major, plus I always get the best GPA. Thank God.

To make this post seems extensive, I’m going to talk about my recent days, a little bit.

Firstly I’d like to thank my Lifelong Best Friend, Sha, for buying me Something Blue as a belated birthday gift.
(Spending the whole day in Times with you was the best :D)

And next is about my organization in college that I’ve joined along a year, Mercu Buana English Club. We just held our biggest annual event, English Event 2012, on August 31st, Sept 2nd, and Sept 3rd. It’s a competition which involved high school and universities students in Jakarta and Tangerang as the participant. I can’t say it enough how exhausted we were, as the committee, but as long as the event was perfect, we are happy.
I love you MBEC family♥

And last but not least, I must say that I’m extremely happy about David Villa’s comeback. After 8 months not watching him on the field because of his injury, finally he comes back with some surprising moments.

I’m happy of Villa’s comeback for some reasons:

1.Happy that Villa is still the same as I knew him since 4 years ago. A family man. His celebration after scoring goal showed us he is indeed a good husband yet a good daddy of his daughters as well.

2.He scored sooner than I thought. In his both debut liga and international match, He made goal. People ain’t needed to doubt his skill anymore.

3.He scored with the same leg he broke. And that showed us how perfect his medical treatment was, (And plus be off from the field for 8 months). I’m proud of Barca medical team of how they decided when Villa will be ready back to play again.

That’s all. Thank you for setting aside your leisure time to read my blog, whoever you are.

I’ll be back cuddling my Something Blue♥

See ya.

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Aug 21, 2012

“In the end, it's not going to matter how many breaths you took, but how many moments took your breath away”

shing xiong

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Feb 10, 2012

Featured: Metro TV

Well, so far this is my best achievement in journalism, especially in TV broadcasting. Today, in the age of 18, my dream comes true, at least I'm one step closer in realizing my dream: to be a News Anchor.

It happened just so fast. One of news program on Metro TV, Wide Shot, is hiring for freelance citizen journalist. This program aims to involve-especially-young people, or non-metrotv-staff to work making a news. Since this is related to my passion, I sent them my Curriculum Vitae, and about a week later, I'm called by the producer.

Afterwards, we held a briefing at Metro TV's meeting room to talk about the theme of the coverage we would like to cover. Of course the participants were not only me. Most of them were college students, and several of them came from my university, they are my seniors in equal major.

Briefly, I picked a topic about sport, it's Muay Thai, a Thailand martial. Why I chose this theme was because I love sport and also cause of people are not too familiar about Muay Thai.
After the producer agreed my topic, He gave me the schedule when will I be covering.

And.....Voila! This is my debut on Metro TV in becoming a reporter :)

You can click here to see the recording of my coverage. And then select the Video number 3.

Thank you so much Metro TV :)
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Feb 8, 2012

“At first, dreams seem impossible, then improbable, and eventually inevitable”

Christopher Reeve

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Jan 10, 2012

Messi's Ballon d'Or Hattrick

CONGRATULATIONS Lionel Andres Messi for winning the Ballon d'Or award for the 3rd time!!

Now I'm wondering about Messi. He is 24, and has been succesfully being WORLD'S BEST within 3 years!

But yeah, it does make sense since we all know the way Messi plays football. Outstanding, marvelous, and no one owns it.

Leo defeated his teammate, Xavi Hernandez, and Christiano Ronaldo, who were the nominees of best player as well. Leo even presented the Ballon d'Or for Xavi. He said "We’ve shared this moment for four years. This Ballon d’Or is also yours. Without your help I would not be here”. What a speech from the real champion.

According to FIFA, Messi is also the youngest player to ever win three Ballon d’Or titles consecutively. See? He's simply amazing.

Aside from that, I wanna congratulate too for the best coach, Joseph Guardiola. Guardiola presented the cup to his assistant, Tito Vilanova.

The President of FC Barcelona, Sandro Rosell, said that he is very proud of all the awards that FIFA has given to Barca. But what he liked the most is how Guardiola and Messi shared their awards, those are the qualities that they teach at the Masia.

For Rosell these things “demonstrate the human quality that we have at Can Barça.”

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“Feedback is the breakfast of champions”

Ken Blanchard

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Jan 7, 2012

1st Post in 2012

Untuk pertama kalinya gue memutuskan untuk posting di blog ini dengan menggunakan bahasa tercinta gue. Karena saat ini gue lagi ga mood untuk nulis dengan english, yaa ok lebih tepatnya gue udah kaku untuk nulis pake english. Kata orang, semakin jarang nulis semakin jeleklah tulisanmu. Kutipan itu berhasil nyindir gue. Jadi sekarang, setelah sekian lama, gue kembali nulis.

Udah berminggu-minggu ini gue cuma mampir ke blog gue tanpa login, apalagi posting. Begitulah, waktu semakin sempit, atau tugas-tugas kuliah yang semakin ngantri, gue ga ngerti. Intinya, sekarang gue pengen nyeritain apa aja yang seharusnya udah gue tulis di blog ini dari kemarin-kemarin.

Sebagai fans David Villa selama 4 tahun, gue sekarang sedang berduka atas cederanya. Ok gue curhat sebentar aja gapapa kan.
Pas semifinal Piala Dunia Antarklub di Jepang kemarin, Barcelona lawan Al-Sadd, David Villa cedera, patah kaki. PATAH KAKI MEEEN!! Patah kaki itu paling ngga butuh enam bulan buat sembuh total!! Gue kesian, kesiaaaaan banget. Kesian sama Villa, bukan soal cedera ini aja, dia itu udah jarang jadi starting 11 di Barca, dikarenakan Barca udah punya yang lebih bagus (gue ngaku nih ya!), Alexis is better than Villa. Tapi plis deh, sebagus-bagusnya Alexis, kasi jam terbang yang lebih dong buat Villaaaa, dia itu udah umur 30, bentar lagi pensiun! :(
Ya udah, balik ke soal cederanya. Kalo misalnya masa penyembuhan butuh 6 bulan (dia cedera bulan Desember), berarti Juni baru bisa main lagi. Sedangkan bulan Juni EURO 2012 udah dimulai. Kemungkinannya emang Villa gabisa main di EURO, tapi dokter yang nanganin dia optimis dia bisa main di EURO, semoga. Amin.

n.b: Akhirnya David Villa bikin twitter: @Guaje7Villa. Setelah bertahun-tahun lamanya akhirnya dia sadar :') Ada bagusnya juga dia cedera, jadi ada waktu buat bikin twitter, yeay!

Sebenernya ada lagi yang mau gue ceritain, tentang Kyle Patrick. Tapi karena ceritanya amat sangat panjang dan gue tau sebagian dari readers gue ga tau siapa Kyle Patrick, jadi gue urungkan niat untuk nulis tentang dia.

By the way, HAPPY NEW 2012! (iya, emang telat banget, tapi daripada ga ngucapin.)
Pasti banyak dari kalian yang bikin resolusi untuk 2012 ya? Jujur gue kemarin juga sempet pengen ngerancang resolusi, tapi akhir tahun kemarin itu tugas kuliah gue bener-bener lagi ga manusiawi banget, jadinya ga jadi deh. Bahkan saking sibuknya gue sampe lupa kemarin itu tahun baruan. New year eve berlalu begitu aja.

Tahun 2011 kemarin, bagi gue alhamdulillah deh sesuatu pokoknya. At least setahun kemarin itu gue berhasil tekun dan rutin nulis di CNS Magazine, suatu kemajuan untuk hobi gue yang satu ini. Oh ya dan di akhir tahun juga ada yang nawarin gue untuk nulis di official websitenya FCB Indonesia (I've told you about it in my previous post). Ok lah gue akui sebagian besar tulisan gue disitu tentang David Villa, biarin deh.
Ini juga kemajuan. Maju banget. Ga setiap hari lo ditawarin buat ngelakuin sesuatu yang lo suka dan menguntungkan diri lo, ya ga? Jadi gue amat bersyukur untuk hal yang satu ini. Semoga gue rajin keep posting disitu :)

Harapan gue di tahun ini: Gue pengen banget banget banget bisa nulis di majalah yang berbahasa Indonesia :( Kemarin itu oke deh gue bisa nulis di CNS, tapi justru itu makin bikin gue minder dan berpikir tulisan gue dengan indo language ga berkualitas :(
Semoga awal-awal tahun ini bisa kesampaian ya :) Sebagai langkah awal gue harus rajin nyari majalah yang mau menerima kontributor seperti gue. He-he.

Well guys, cukup yah curhatnya, seneng banget bisa kembali blogging :')
Will be back on the next post (ga tau kapan)
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Jan 4, 2012

“I just die so much inside. Now that you're not there, I wanna feel your heartbeat like yesterday”

I Can't Lie - Maroon5

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