Feb 10, 2012

Featured: Metro TV

Well, so far this is my best achievement in journalism, especially in TV broadcasting. Today, in the age of 18, my dream comes true, at least I'm one step closer in realizing my dream: to be a News Anchor.

It happened just so fast. One of news program on Metro TV, Wide Shot, is hiring for freelance citizen journalist. This program aims to involve-especially-young people, or non-metrotv-staff to work making a news. Since this is related to my passion, I sent them my Curriculum Vitae, and about a week later, I'm called by the producer.

Afterwards, we held a briefing at Metro TV's meeting room to talk about the theme of the coverage we would like to cover. Of course the participants were not only me. Most of them were college students, and several of them came from my university, they are my seniors in equal major.

Briefly, I picked a topic about sport, it's Muay Thai, a Thailand martial. Why I chose this theme was because I love sport and also cause of people are not too familiar about Muay Thai.
After the producer agreed my topic, He gave me the schedule when will I be covering.

And.....Voila! This is my debut on Metro TV in becoming a reporter :)

You can click here to see the recording of my coverage. And then select the Video number 3.

Thank you so much Metro TV :)
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Feb 8, 2012

“At first, dreams seem impossible, then improbable, and eventually inevitable”

Christopher Reeve

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