Nov 29, 2013


Just stuck on a throwback moment. This is one of thousand moments I (really) miss in Barça.

I recently realised that love at the first sight apparently does exist. When you truly love someone or something, you will always love them just the way they are, even when they are changed, you will not change your love.

Just as I do to Barça. There's so many differences between el barca today and el barca I knew 3 years ago. But I still love them, even after Villa left. I collapsed but I moved on.

But the moments are still alive, the memories stay. I miss Guardiola, I miss Tito, I miss Messilla, MVP, Puyi, Abi.Their typical celebration, the tears of being the champion of Uefa Champions League, those blues and reds things.
I miss them all.
I even have my own 'epic nights' list of Barca matches I love the most. The La Manita against Real Madrid and the comeback match of Villa after he broke his leg for approximately 8 months are two of them.

But just as Guardiola said:

That's the beauty of football. Sometimes you laugh, sometimes you cry.

Good night ♥ Gimme more..

Gimme more..

Jan 18, 2013

Farewell The Click Five

It is finally official. The Click Five announced they were parting ways on January 14th. It was the most depressing day in my life. Words will never be able to explain how much I love this band, how much I dedicate my lifetime for their music.

I grew up listening to them. I never miss any single day without listening to their songs. It was back in 2008, the very first time God allowed me to know The Click Five, through the Jenny music video. I wouldn’t even think this band could really affect my life in the first place.

Compared with another Click Five fans, like my friends, who already adored The Click Five mostly since 2007, I could still be regarded as a new fan. I’m a Click Five fan who didn’t experience the Eric Dill era. I’m just another usual fan from a hundred Click Five fans outside.

And for my fellow Click Five fans, I know it’s killing us. When I read their official announcement, it was like the world collapsed. I was stuck scrolling my blackberry track pad, reading every single word without realizing tears were falling. My brain suddenly pushed me to flashback and remember every moment and special thing I have passed with The Click Five.

Here’s the announcement. I have read it like 526328 times.

My friend told me it was Ben who wrote the announcement. Words in the second paragraph just made my tears more and more falling. There’s no one can blame or be blamed in this case because-Thank God-this doesn't happen because of a conflict.

You know, early this month I proudly presented a Click Five 2013 calendar on the unofficial fan base twitter (@TC5Inonesia). Right now the more I check the calendar, the more I think that The Click Five's lifespan stops on the first month of this year. Pathetic.

I feel I have to thank The Click Five now. To Kyle, Ben, Joe, Joey, Ethan, and even Eric Dill. I don’t know what their each personality is like, but all I know is these guys are very talented in music and I’m into them. But to be honest, I have several special moments with Kyle, especially on Twitter. In spite of with great regret I must admit that he’s changed after he got more followers. I miss Kyle when he still has less than 10k followers. However, I understand that’s all because Kyle is getting more successful through his solo projects and I’m happy for that. And thanks, thanks for following me back Kyle. It’s the best thing that ever happened between me and my idol.

Thank you guys for accompanying my days for almost five years through your music. I just think I don’t have any back up bands to adore to, to love to. The Click Five is the one and only, and has been becoming my muse, my eternal thing. Even though they were parting ways, for me, The Click Five is still and always alive in my memory. 


There's no easy way to say goodbye, so baby just say goodnight   ...
-The Click Five
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