Nov 29, 2013


Just stuck on a throwback moment. This is one of thousand moments I (really) miss in Barça.

I recently realised that love at the first sight apparently does exist. When you truly love someone or something, you will always love them just the way they are, even when they are changed, you will not change your love.

Just as I do to Barça. There's so many differences between el barca today and el barca I knew 3 years ago. But I still love them, even after Villa left. I collapsed but I moved on.

But the moments are still alive, the memories stay. I miss Guardiola, I miss Tito, I miss Messilla, MVP, Puyi, Abi.Their typical celebration, the tears of being the champion of Uefa Champions League, those blues and reds things.
I miss them all.
I even have my own 'epic nights' list of Barca matches I love the most. The La Manita against Real Madrid and the comeback match of Villa after he broke his leg for approximately 8 months are two of them.

But just as Guardiola said:

That's the beauty of football. Sometimes you laugh, sometimes you cry.

Good night ♥ Gimme more..

Gimme more..